• Ih8U

    Booooo the gay shit!!!

    • Old Maid

      Thank you for the ignorance. Moron.

    • Ih8U

      Y don't U go Fuck yourself!!

      • FLIPPY

        ^ team jacob or edward?

      • Old Maid

        Strike two buddy.

  • good job.


  • Gun_guy


    Haha, I love BLR

  • A BiPolar Guy

    BLR is also a good place to point people who believe some things said about what "famous people said" based on lip reading.
    Not to mention just being hilarious

  • Daniel McGrath

    I laughed until I cried. And then I peed. And then I flushed, and laughed some more.

    • Elizabeth

      Me too

  • Ballsy Llama

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • TexasChick

    Ha to funny thank you chive

    • Spelling Police


  • fgbsgb

    "It was just one piece" hahahh

  • JoeyW311

    That was my most bestest creation… Why did you eat it! Hahaha!

  • OhioChiver

    I know zero about twilight but that was friggin hilarious. I had the whole office watching it. xD

  • Deaf Chivette

    I'm deaf, so lipreading is how I understand what people were saying and this is the worse! I didn't understand a single word they said! Haha

    • Mute Chiver
      • wow


      • Mac


  • Eder St Cool


    "Dude… you slapped a fish… why would you hit it?"

    This line was still a better love story than twilight….

  • temujin1234
  • genghistron132

    Hahaha I may just watch the movies if they were like this for the hole thing.

  • MTG

    Pretty much sums up all of the movies.

  • Alex S

    "It was just one piece of cake…"
    Still a better love story then Twilight

  • IrishWolfhound

    CAKE? ake ake ake ake.

  • Dennis

    Oh my god that shit was funny as hell. I can't stop watching it.

  • Owen

    That is genius, the voices just nail it.

  • Underbaker

    At least it is better then twi…. never mind.

  • resist_boredom

    better than the real movie!!!

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