Brooklyn Decker in high-res for my thoughts (29 HQ Photos)

Give it a moment to load, in case there are more than 29 photos
also, there’s a quick blurb at the end on my thoughts of Andy Roddick’s tennis career…give it a read.

  • whyme1973

    #27 #48 #85 Damn she is easy on the eyes.

    • MOAR

      Retire at 30 and marry a supermodel. Well done, Andy, well done.

  • Chive Truther

    I am ready for the barrage of thumbs down I will get when I say…
    She has the oddest shaped body ever.

    • Jackson

      have to agree- beautiful, but skinny body with poor muscle-tone detracts from overall package. of course, still would hit it like no tomorrow!

    • BRB

      It's the hips… it's like the hip bones are a foot higher than on most girls.

    • Chris Cali

      u clearly don't know who Kate Upton is

  • Gun_guy

    Productivity for the rest of the day is now lost, thanks Chive.

  • Matt

    Andy who?

  • Jimmy

    #1 Where are her nip nips?

  • blues

    Didnt she used to have nipples? #85

  • Anonymous

    and he is such a lucky man. He just had some bad luck to come up during a time that federer and nadal were supreme, hard to crack that top shell. He had a hell of a serve though, probably the best in tennis for quite a few years. good player, nice guy, couldnt be luckier to be with brooke, she’s smoking hot.

  • MAKK

    #85 #105 her nipples must be the smallest on the planet.

  • tdr

    Aside from her rather amazing body, her face is even better. She's a true beauty. And the bonus … apparently she's a sweet, funny, nice lady, liked by everyone who has met her. And people who only know Roddick from on-the-court matches often don't get that he's known as a very smart, witty, personable individual. All-around pretty good couple.

  • Gun_guy

    #46… Nipples. Jeez

  • Oscuh

    #16 is a 10. And who's Andy Roddick?

  • nate33uc

    Definitely got choked up watching the last few points yesterday. Not a huge fan of tennis, just the reality that is sports and the emotions that are part of it. I lost it when he thanked his old trainer who is deceased…recently lost my best friend and it just shows that they are just like you and I. btw, brookyln, you're ridiculous #83 #87 #63

  • Tenny

    She would be sexier if she had nipples…….WTH?

  • boob_cuddle

    Bar Rafaeli is hotter. 😀

    • Gun_guy

      She's hot too, tough call.

  • ehaka

    Amazing woman – born without nipples

  • iaDF!

    I didn't know Stifler played tennis so well.

  • dan

    #1 Poor girl has no nipples.

  • Tiber_Septim

    She is crazy hot and for all the guys who want nipples, models use nude colored pasties to cover them up, so she has them but doesn't want you to see them and or airbrushed out of the photos

    • goodeye

      These are airbrushed – you can find her nipples on the internet. Ebay has them for sale.

  • @HotSugarMommy

    amazing woman.I am also am a young mature woman and looking for a young on a site named Hotsuarmommy~I want to be with my Mr to go to the beach for a vocation.

  • chicago

    #103 and #21 i bet she tastes as *sweet* as she looks. Farewell Andy Roddick Tennis will miss you.

  • Ssal

    single-handedly represented the sport, assuming you don't include venus and serena williams, who have actually had success in the sport.

    • Rick

      yes, of course I meant on the men's side of the sport. I have nothing but respect for Venus and Serena.

  • Lou

    Sorry Andy enjoyed your tennis. I would hang on to Brook till the cows come home, however.

  • kwinst

    I never realized how much he looks like Stiffler

  • Voldif

    at least he has something to play with in retirement…

    Those trainers are terrible though

  • Shat_Thrice


    It's really no wonder Andy Decker never aspired to be any good.

    GBR, Mr. Decker.

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