Burning Man 2012 was a real trip (38 Photos)

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  • Pie

    Wow there is so much ignorance on this thread. I can understand the ease to draw such judgements when you have seen only crazy pictures, fed by the media sensationalism and stories of just sex and drugs.These ppl are not the hippies you such describe with distaste. BM costs close to a grand to go to for the simpler folks, the fanancially wealthier racks up much far more with the "comforts" they choose to bring into the desert. The people who "gifted" us their artwork raises (and contibutes mostly out of their own pocket) hundreds of thousands of dollars. They financed it, built them on and off this naturally inhabitable environment and asked for nothing in return. You almost cannot come unless you HAVE a job because you simply cannot afford to take a week off and drop this kind of money. Some ppl can. Others are gifted. Others work a year to save up to it. The ppl I hve met at the desert ranged from doctors(physical, mental, spiritual), laywers(quite a few I interacted with this year), teachers, artists, healers, performers, nonprofit workers, builders…a massive range- all here to express and experience the beauty of this chaotic mix and social experiment of what happens when you throw 60,000 ppl from around the world into a desolate and extremely harsh environment, and watch how humanity flourishes. One ranger on the playa told me how he crashed his car leaving the event one year and was so seriously injured he was hospitalized for 8 weeks. The two strangers that first found him in the desert were fellow burners that happened to be an emt and another a nurse(both there to enjoy BM separately on their own time).there's a reason why BM multiplies expotentially every year. We can do drugs anywhere. We have sex everywhere. Take a moment to understand that there has to be more to what you see in pictures. Images cannot capture human interaction, humanity and spirit. Perhaps you just have to wake up and give something you might not understand right now a chance. And yes, the extreme alkaline sand is antibacterial. Sweat evaporates as soon as it is secreted under the burning 100+degree sun every day. We also have showers build. I personally may have hugged maybe 4 ppl out of the thousands I crossed paths with that had some BO. Pretty damn amazing considering I live in NYC and most ppl reeked in the summer months here.

  • mike "second chance"

    All you jealous God fearing dumb shits that bag on something that you know little or nothing about need to get a fucking life. Or perhaps buy a ticket and attend it. It might do you some good. You also might have a intelligent conversation with a absolutely gorgeous women………who doesn't smell

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