Chivettes bored at work (21 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • Eric

    Give me a day at work with #1 please!

  • Jim

    #17 !! My dear god, I love Canadian girls

  • arial

    if #5 s feet look as good as the ass i will give her a job.

  • TheCanadianGuy

    #20 #1
    OH! that is all kinds of sexy!

  • emailhobo

    #2 Now I want more. I didn't see you the first time.

  • War eagle

    Find #11 now

  • Scott


    WHO DAT!!!

  • hyuiop

    #4 NICE GAPPAGE!!!!!!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – nice.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Dale Barnes

    #2 Lovely and Yes, MOAR
    #8 Please take piercing out of your gorgeous lips, please MOAR, and where the hell do you work….I'm comin up there!
    #13 You are gorgeous too, MOAR

  • Average_Joe123

    #18 Excuse me, ma'am, your buttocks appear to be showing.

  • Carguy95

    Why can't my nurse/ dental hygienist look like #11 moar?

  • Utdoglover

    #2 where in slc do you work…..damn

  • Meatball

    #16 #17 glad to say i know what she is like as a Chivette. One beautiful woman!!!

  • Tyler Dugal

    # 20 Love the freckles!!!!! MOAR!!!!

  • Rick

    #5 Lets go fishing first before you jump back in with rest of the corporate fishies. Bring that blue thong. We're going to get wet ^_~

  • Jimmy Swings

    #13 Id love to work with you! MOAR!!!

  • Brad

    #10 a fellow Louisiana chiver

  • Darren Steven Birch

    #16 #17 just made my long, boring day so soo much better!! stunning!

  • deburgh21

    I am never bored at work because of women like you!!!

  • Andrew Kosko

    #10 Geaux Saints!!!

  • Dan

    Tell me where u work I'll give u something to do

  • Larry

    #20 Mmmmm Freckles

  • Dustin

    Look a little young though…

  • bobthebuilder


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