Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Jess

    Really think the DMA needs as many pics as the DAR.

  • Lisa

    #20. Golden Retrievers are just great dogs. I want one again.

    And in #17…someone sure knows what to do with good hard wood. 😉

  • General

    #14 I think I just pooped a little.

  • BrianS

    #30 VIRGINITY breech virginity..ALL hands on deck!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #21, I think I'm higher than camel pussy….. because I laughed way to hard.

  • toto

    #7, i will take my chances 😉
    #11 – MISSED

  • TonyM

    #13 I have the strangest boner right now.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #28 doesn't matter had sex

  • bdg

    #4 is a fat boys dream!!!!!

  • emu90

    #9 i bet he's a useless bugger that did such a shitty job cutting my pizza the other night!

  • http://marcussam.com/blog/ marcussam

    #4 If u notice the doughnuts 1st, then probably u'r a policeman…

  • http://marcussam.com/blog/ marcussam

    #15 crazy skills man…!

    • Anomanom


  • A2_tha_MFK

    #7 The day women start raping men, I'll run slow!

  • christiantf9

    #7 Don't threaten me with a good time!

  • DavidZH

    #4 All those curves! i think eating one of those holes while resting nicely cushioned between them titties would make a nice start of the day.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

    #7 can't rape the willing , so go ahead and have your way with me

  • https://www.facebook.com/wafflehouse2 Freddie Ray Sturdivant

    #18 I thought the prize was in the box not the bowl

  • Guest

    #16 I says pardon……?

  • Rain

    # 22 sweet!

  • hello

    #4 I seen doughnuts first does that mean I’m gay. #7 bring it on. If a man is hard it ain’t rape

  • Baldrick

    #9 This explains why my pizza is NEVER cut all the way through. It's not all about how fast you can get it done dude. Just ask your girlfriend…if you have one.

  • Jake

    So many thumbs down? Come on Chive, I thought this community is all about helping their peers.
    In any event, good luck buddy

    • saltygary


    • Beev

      This is what the comment was,

      "Vote for Ness cause she's an amazing sister http://ampvoting.orcas.co.nz/Applicants/Details/1

      I don't know how this is a bad thing, I thought helping others was the Chive way

      • inigo montoya

        Problem is, no way to verify that all of it is legit based on what they post. The stuff that gets posted as a charity run gets investigated by the Chive folks first before they make a push for it. Guess it's to prevent the site from becoming a target for folks just wanting a free ride instead of drawing resources away from those that really need it.

    • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

      That's what I thought too. I've already got support for the OC (Original Chivette) herself, Erin. I don't get where all the negativity is coming from. Please Chivers help my sister out

  • FrankieP

    #9 Good job. Now quit fucking around, my pizzas are getting cold.

  • Oscuh

    #4 I'm not sure what to start with!

  • Jeff

    Is it weird that I stared at this waaaay too long thinking "What the hell?!?"

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