• teight

    sooo good

  • brandon

    what is the song at the 1:07 mark?

    • Barry McKokkinner

      Chip Da Ripper freestyle

  • SexyPoulet



    That was fucking awesome! When that Little John song came on I bust out laughing so hard, good thing no one is in the office today.

  • MistaDabolina

    holy fucking shit that is the hardest i have laughed in a really REALLY long fucking time. good show chive

  • goodguysfan

    The brown dude with googly eyes reminds me of the aliens on Sesame Street.

  • Drewcifer

    what da FUCK did i just watch?!?!

  • Patriot_Matt

    What the… how… why… why am I laughing so hard?

  • Cut

    Hit F5 often, and thank me later.

  • Shoopy
    • head Chef

      Sorry that was meant to be thumbs up. Doh!

      • Fent

        I correct for u

  • Nishtai

    This was so good, I had to watch it twice, two hours apart. No, seriously

  • Erik

    I want a Youtube video of the Geico Duck dancing to Where the Hood!

  • Djz

    I laughed way too hard at this.

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'd love to see more of these. That was some funny shit. Find more, Bob. Thanks.

  • Ispeakchive

    Thanks Bob !

  • Greg

    I feel like I just watched an episode of Robot Chicken.

  • Chi town carpenter

    Check out YouTube haiku. Way better than this !

  • Ryan Christopher Corcoran

    this was one of the best videos…you just made my week chive..just made my week

  • Noegod

    Could not make past the trash can! Lol big time! Had to show my brother the cop!

  • Jake

    Link to the fish pleeeaaaseeee!!!!

  • Sade

    I don't care, this shit was hilarious! Drop the bass!!! xD

  • Sara

    i can't handle that shit. Its so dumb yet soooo FUNNY

  • Fent

    What song is gandalf nodding to?
    I find it…. I can't not nod with the white wizard!

    • Der'

      i'm trying to find this same song!

  • MUpde

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh……. What?

  • Gauge

    @0:17: Three roaches playing the Mos Eisley cantina music on an unknown object, a match, and a chip. Your argument is invalid.

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