• anthony

    whats the 2nd song? thanks in advance.

  • @HotSugarMommy

    very funny I'm a rich hot sugar mommy.I'm serious that i'm looking for a young guy.Let's chat on online place CougarLurec0m.Good vedio and put it to youtube.

  • Max

    I laughed so hard at the white scat cat that I think I peed a little.

    Yup, I did.

  • Moechivin

    L M A O thanks for the laugh of the day chive!

  • Rasta_Pasta

    Can you please not steal my content and re-host it. This is the original made by me

    Which i submitted to Reddit here:

  • Dan

    This is Good Material

  • Luke

    More content stolen from reddit and passed off as their own. Keep it classy, Chive!

  • Jay

    America! FUCK YEA!

  • idk

    name of song at two minutes?

  • letsgoride

    Primo mix…OoO

  • andiwagedpeace


  • irkaC

    idiocracy…..its happening.

  • Lefty

    That was great. Thanks Chive!

  • PEte

    does anyone know the song at the 1:05 mark where the guys riding the allgator

  • Jared

    Interior crocodile alligator brings back a lot of memories, thank you so much.

  • marcus hird

    Is there a way to get a list of all the songs?

  • John

    do you ever get that feeling where you wonder what the f*ck you are doing with you life?

  • Not Impressed

    Total and complete waste of time.

  • kyle barker

    The best 3 minutes and 35 seconds Ive experienced in a while.

  • Faraway Skies

    I have not laughed this long while viewing the chive in a while

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