I just won the car wash lottery (30 HQ Photos)


  • MOAR

    #37 Must find. This is one HELL of a post.

  • Good Morning


    Please find girl in red.

  • Lou

    A little more washing and a little less hugging as long as I am not there.

  • hot chivette

    all these girls are white trash!

    • nix

      You ever stop to think that maybe some of the car washes were for a fundraiser? maybe a fun way to raise money for cancer or a local sports program

  • Joe

    If we had this near me, my truck would be so clean…

  • Shawdow Chiver

    #39 3 people with 7 legs in a photo??

    • Duuuuuuude

      Obviously there are four people in the photo. YOu can see a third girl's head over his shoulder.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Gibblet Mos Eisley

    #15 for the win

  • Fuzzel

    my car is filthy

  • T

    #24 #25 beautiful well all are but those two….

  • Alex

    Post should be called: Average to ugly girls pretend to wash cars and fleece sex starved fat 'mericans out of a few dollars

  • Aitos

    I'd say you got your money back on a scratch off

  • Kieth

    #39 Ummmm is that an extra leg? 3 people 7 Legs

  • da kid

    The best site in the world? Probably the worst server on the fucking planet. And whats with these days off? You put pictures on the internet… you could be getting dome on a beach and do that.probably

  • JimBob

    #4 #15 #25

    Find her

    highly doubt girls with tramp stamps are bait

  • details

    The "source" link takes you to a Flickr account from 2007, which means, if they weren't legal then, they are now.

    • JimBob

      it was a Hooters' car wash so yea, legal

  • Morgan

    This a high school car wash???

  • MajorTom

    She makes me feel dirty

  • twavor

    #3 #8 #16 #38 PLEASE find the girl in red… Beautiful!

    • Kieran


      we demand "MOAR!"

  • Swamp1983

    and we're all going to jail.

  • shetakeshervitamins

    Chris Hansen just walked into my office and asked me to have a seat… right over there…

  • bdg

    #11 #18 and #31 Find the little blonde!!!!!! She is smokin' hawt!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevrhutch

      yes! Find her!!!!

  • ZRT6


  • Sean

    #38 The ladies are all lvely, but I'm going with Metalc Red for the win!!

  • Larry

    #39 holy crap is there an extra leg in there?

    • lee

      I noticed that too

  • chesterdrawers

    Springfield MO! SUP!!!

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