I just won the car wash lottery (30 HQ Photos)


  • https://www.facebook.com/michael.eldridge.9 Michael Eldridge

    New idea Chive … Chivette car wash for charity.

  • http://twitter.com/mikek1526 @mikek1526

    #1 #40 MOAR!! Just gorgeous!

  • Over9000

    My car is really fucking dirty. I am going to need about a half dozen of these ladies to get it clean. Not #11 though, they look like they could get me in trouble.

  • Eggbert

    #10 you can mount my car any time

  • Rick

    #3 and #8 (in the middle)… Gawd yes!

  • Rick

    #16 (on the right) and #38 (again, on the right)… she rules the car wash bikini concept.

  • Catelyn

    I’m a visual arts major and I canont attest to how true some of the shit mentioned here actually is. Half the girls I go to school with are the epitomy of this article. Kudos to the author. By the way, if a hipster girl ever scolds you in public for not drinking organic coffee (yes that happened to me) call them a bitty . They hate that shit. Its everything they strive not to be.

  • jamie

    Pedo Bwar approves !!

  • Ray

    #39, where the hell is the extra leg coming from????

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