Chive Everywhere (79 Photos)

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  • Josh

    We need more tattooed Chivettes like #83

  • Shinanigins

    I want MOAR of #2 and #37

  • Spell check


    Hope you're not a brian serjun.

  • OhioChiver

    #38 Oddly enough, finding wild in Chivettes is mine!

  • Drock

    #74 Those girls are still in high school! That guy looks like a pedophile for sure.

    • WaitBackTheFuckUp

      Don't be a dick Drock.

  • matt

    anyone else get a little irritated seeing people in armed forces and firefighter chive tshirts who are most likely not in or family members of the AF or firefighters?

  • kwstunts

    No one has noticed that Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) is in this pic with us too. She's to the far left. All of us owe Daisy Duke a bit of gratitude for her contribution to one of the best fashion statements of all time. In fact I propose the Chivettes do a tribute to Daisy Duke!

  • p1ll

    #42 that is so Fricking cool

  • Jon

    this is why i love the Chive

  • So*Cal_Chiver

    #2 FLBP
    #22 Mind The Gap
    #26 FIND the two blondes!

  • INoticed

    #61 You think we wouldn't notice the Trojan condom in your coin pocket?

  • Keydet

    #5 OMG, if I could give them my number I would. Please email me if I could, Gal on the far left.

  • Desmodreamer

    I am a health and maintenance engineer for the petro group keep up the good work and chive on men!!! #6

  • NVPilot

    MEM ATC Chivers, Where do you guys work? Center, tracon, tower? KCCO from a SKW chiver!

  • Kaylaha


    Reppin' NS !!!

  • SkofeALofe

    #80 You knew I had to get you guys on Chive everywhere! Come back to Suwon anytime, I'm always at Sam Ryan's. I'll buy you guys that beer. Chive on!

    • JustSayin

      That's bad ass.

      • SkofeALofe

        Is that you in the photo?

  • SkofeALofe

    #78 Sendin love from South Korea!

  • Indyyred

    #60 I'm stationed at Altus AFB! Too bad I don't know any of the guys in the photo. But best of luck out there, come home safely.

  • Rob

    #27 & #83 find her

  • AZ's #1 Chiver

    #83 "MOTHER OF GOD"! Your body ia amazing, nice work!

  • Aussie Oaks

    #2 MOAR #4 MOAR #5 MOAR

    #26 Hi, Moar, lucky bugger, MOAR, Moar

    #27 Chivette MOAR please

    #37 Moar # 64 Moar #74 Moar

    #78 Best wishes to you and all your family, remind your Dad now it's time to live not survive and cherish the time, more upsetting when you find out you can't take your Dad to the footy any more because it's to late. All the best champ

    #83 Please can i have some MOAR

  • KellyO

    #51 MOAR…this Chivette's heart just melted!

  • HankHill

    #79 – I know the guy on the right haha. And that is at the stampede!

  • Myke Esayenko

    We've been racking our brains and doing our damnedest to get ourselves on a chive album, and all it took was getting drunk and celebrating with you two sick beauties! Thanks for tilting a few with us. Hope wedded bliss is a blast! Much love, Myke and Baldy.

    • Laine

      Yeah as soon as we took this photo I knew we had a chance haha.

      Great to meet you guys! Thanks for partying with us!!
      Laine & Andy

      • AChiver

        That is fucking epic!

  • Edom

    #58 hell ya Nebraska kcco fellow Nebraskan

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