• Kiki

    Errmahrrgerrhdd! Marn Rrerraining derwn

  • Mickhead

    "Hey, I just got equipment, and this is crazy. But I'm a DJ, so book me maybe?"

  • Versari

    LMFAO i would been like "okay…im POSITIVE that's not how it goes…" then burst out laughing. ha good joke

  • red4

    That went completely over my head. All of it sounded like shit, so I had no idea what the prank was until the video was almost over. I was like, "Oh… raining men, that song… that, uh…. that's the prank, I guess."

  • kjk

    fake. ive been a dj since 98, and with hot cues and all i still listen for a few bars before hand and not just scratch and drop a beat. a real dj feels the next track. doesnt drop in another just to get going. unless he just went pee and the previous track was almost done. fake. he must have gone for a pee.

    • Dj_Space_Monkey

      I just went back and had another look at the video and it looks like it was a last minute request or thought.
      But I know who doesn't check the song first even if you aren't beat matching. Unless he doesn't know how to use the headphone function on the mixing desk and he just has them around his head to look cool and fit the part. I bet he checks everything now.

  • Thror

    Yep, the second one is a classic. Homer Simpson's favorite song, you know.

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  • Carl

    I just lost 47 seconds of my life watching this stupid video.

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