From Mitsu Eclipse to a Lambo Reventon (52 Photos)


  • Chaosd

    Man that thing is heavy. Should have used fiberglass or carbon fiber instead of steel.

  • Houstonian-chiver

    Pretty sweet project. Most people on here are haters. But haters gonna hate.

    And people that dont get laid say you did it only to get laid. But im sure just like all of us with nice cars, its not for the ladies. Its cause you want it.

    Nice job man!

  • Dave DH

    It's a fuckin project people. Still nice skills to have regardless of what he used it on.

  • deprydation

    I'll honestly give the guy credit for what he did. He took his car and made it into his own creation. Maybe a waste of time to many and maybe a waste of money to others, but in the car world it's about self expression and creativity. This guy got creative and took a car that looks NOTHING like a Lamborghini and turned it into his own special car.

    Might be slow, might look fake, but #50 says that he gets the attention that he wants from it.

    As far as speed in those, he added a ton of weight to it, so it's not gonna be fast, but I have seen a few Evo 8 conversions into the 3G Eclipse. They're pretty beast when done and I know of one putting down over 500 at the wheels.

  • Alfonso Delgadillo

    I wonder if it was for a car show or something, looks like it is in Europe. If you get a damn Scion xB with a DJ booth and 22" rims at SEMA I don't see what is so wrong about this. None of these pictures suggest it was used in douchebag mode.

    • @str0AT


  • Bill Badnaruk


  • Justin Woodall

    I think I threw up a little in my mouth

  • El Dave-o

    #50 do fake sports cars bring fake women? They're really all men

  • Jacob D. Wright

    all that extra weight on an eclipse, with no engine swap… top speed 35mph, 2mpg

  • SteveO

    All show no go…

  • lat297

    He's good at what he does. He's just an idiot.

  • Ryan

    Right on for this dude for making something the vast majority of us in this form could probably not make! He used his skills to make his car into something HE would enjoy driving. Sure the car itself may not be impressive but the effort alone is.

  • fzero

    That's one way to completely waste your time and money. No, I don't respect the effort put into this. It's plastic surgery. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

  • DollarBillUK

    Fake it 'till you make it!

  • garthwayne

    it takes alot of time to make body work look that good, i give them props for doing a great job on it. but with the amount of steel they used to make that they prolly added at couple hundred pounds to the car, and thats just gonna make it slower than it was. this is a sheep in a wolf's clothing

  • Verbal_Kint

    sweet body kit, bro…

  • Anthony

    I wanna know how much that cost to do all that work because it seems like you could have bought a used Lambo or atleast a much nicer car then wasting a lot of time and money on a car that still no matter how much work you do it still won't drive like a real Lambo or be a real Lambo

  • ThePatriot

    still a front wheel drive slow as shit eclipse, plus now it's even heavier. This is like the ultimate tuner, looks incredibly good, slaw as hell

  • rat fink

    mad modification skills! coming from a guy that fucks with everything he rides.

  • partysauce

    Sounds like no one that comments on this page has ever done something just to see if it can be done.

  • Jon

    So much fail.

  • mattador11

    need moar low!

  • dave

    Should put that skill to use building classic customs. It'd be way more popular and sellable than what ever this turned out to be.

  • Versari

    Scrolling down the whole process was pure EPICNESS.Now excuse me while i fret to my lonesome on how i cannot afford this masterpiece.

  • Bnuts

    really .. at least use the GT v6 model.. haaaaaa

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