From Mitsu Eclipse to a Lambo Reventon (52 Photos)


  • Joe

    My soul just died a little. Deep down…. its still a FRONT WHEEL DRIVE POS Eclipse. Fail

  • guitarz333

    this is the automotive equivalent of a fake or "replica" Rolex watch…

  • John Donson

    To the people that call this stupid… how many sports cars have you built that hot women have flocked around? Oh, none… GOOD DAY!

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  • Mike

    Much respect man… That must've taken lots of money nd even more time. Looks awesome. I'll admit I'm jealous. And to the Jacks who've posted before me who cares wat car he used.. Maybe he just wanted something to cruise around in. It's not all about going fast. Gtfu and gtfo

  • imawesomw

    All the people hating on this!!!! Shut the fuck up so what if its not real!!! Bad ass man props and respect

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  • Puddlethumper

    Nice work. Those with negative comments couldn't do what you've done.

  • Vladmir

    You know what, I like this idea. Most people would love to have a Lamborghini, but could never afford one, at least while still having somewhere to live. Not only is the car expensive, but the insurance is ridiculous, and the maintenance costs are immense. And really, how many people with a Lambo really drive it to it's full potential anyways? They're a "look at me" car, and if you're going 150 miles an hour down the road, nobody will see who that cool dude was anyways. With this concept, you pay insurance prices for an Eclipse, maintenance costs for an Eclipse, and it will ride decent and have enough ground clearance to not get stuck in parking garages, but you'll still get just as much attention as a 200 grand Lambo. I'm not an attention whore, so you won't see me driving one like this, my AMC Eagle does fine for me. But I have a lot of respect for anybody that can do that kind of fabrication with such clean execution. That's some grade-A craftsmanship.

  • Irl

    Awesome. but so much effort it makes me feel ill

  • forehead

    Or just buy a used lamborghini …Dumbass

  • Tyler H. TX

    All u sad fucks hateing on this piece of imageinative work, can go fuck urselfs, he did a great job, its not about money, or fast, or impressing u all. It's self worth, knowing u put ur heart and soul into somthing ur proud of, that u made, with ur hands!

  • mikeonhisarse

    it still looks shit

  • Rick

    Woulda looked better if he used a Pontiac fiero or Toyota MR-S or whatever

  • carlos

    How much did the welding cost!!!???? Help please

  • lance

    You have talent nice job

  • NakedJenny

    Most people wouldn't take on a task such as this, so I think it's nice to see it finished. It is difficult to find time to complete large projects these days, let alone fund them. This is great!
    Everyone wants to talk about the car as a 'fail', but the way I see it, some kids set out to prove themselves in a way that could guarantee them a job somewhere doing fabrication/custom auto mods.

  • IceboxJewelry

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  • ZOKO

    Reventon is limited so chances that the real dear is gonna park next to you are down to zero

  • ZOKO

    DEAL *

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