Redheads will NEVER lose that loving feeling (41 Photos)

  • Crustman

    Nothing beats a good ol fire bush.

  • Cummins Power

    I am an absolute sucker for red heads I love everything about them. #37 just ran away with it… And every thought I had. Amazing

  • jeff

    #34 #38 MOAR and Find Her. for both.

  • Aaron

    #37 wowza most beautiful red head I've seen

  • Jsin

    #2, #3, #35, & #37…I love all of you! Us natural redheads are a dying breed lets get together and multiply lol!

  • Twiga

    Hey, I know #38 Hmmm maybe I can get her to post some moar!

  • sean

    who the hell is 12

    • sean


  • CAM13

    #37 holy ungodly gorgeous!! yes she should most definitely be on here!

  • cth13

    Def need more of #37. you are so right, and a good friend for talking her into it!

  • Garrett

    #26's eyes are intoxicating! And # 27 is just all around amazing!

  • Canada Rocks

    #37 Absolutely GORGEOUS! She should have a gallery of her own!

    • James

      agreed!! Who is this girl??

  • hank1231

    so lovely #8

  • Onceplustoo


    National Ginger Convention.

    Not a soul showed up…

  • theolddude

    #9 #12 all I can say is OMFG

  • 'merica

    Nice fivehead

  • Iamjus10

    #28 NO MOAR!

  • jak

    You can keep the ugly one with the tats,wont look at them at all.Jeeezzzzzzzzzzz why do they do that

  • Stu

    #8 I will sell my soul for.

  • naluukti

    I am catching up on my Chive, so I'm late to the party, but #12 in HD por favor?

  • Heath

    #10 come see me in Texas!

  • Poseidon

    You should all move to statesville NC I never see redheads here!

  • Jerry

    Strawberrys from the patch,
    Would I pick this one? natch!
    Making my heart pound
    More beauty cannot be found
    This beauty is to die for
    I only ask for more and more
    This as close as I'll ever get
    you would be my greatest love yet.

  • @undefined

    #22 #23 FTW!

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