That escalated quickly (38 Photos)

  • billyjack13

    boring post…

  • @erikaskarlet

    #27 hahahaha!

  • chivettebecky

    I knew #34 would be nothing but all bad, yet I watched it anyway…saying "fuck you guys!" out loud at the end. thanks. big thanks.

  • sweatervest

    ok what is the difference between putting dumb ass tight, constricting clothes on your animal and saran wrap?! You think pets like sweaters and jackets and vests and hats and socks and booties?! hell nah! i could see people being pissed if the cats were hurt but they are clearly fine. think about that next time you put clothes on a pet. stupid idiots.

    • boom

      they're cats! who cares?! cats are the most disgusting, mean, stupid animals ever! I HATE CATS!!!!

  • @tigerbomb8

    #28 Are you my mummy?

  • Oscar Eldridge

    #24 is abuse! WTF!

  • imjake09

    #24 First i laughed. Then, i got really sad. Overall, it was like a sour patch kids commercial in reverse.

  • sycocid

    #24 … looks like cat borittos. Yummy!

  • Bigszynk
  • Tara


  • ImpressMe

    #24 WTF Chive? If you are going for a new audience then this is the way to do it…….. I'm sure your sponsors will be thrilled with your new 'animal torture' posts……. We expect alot better from you guys….really.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Don't look into the eyes!

  • John

    #24 What kind of inhumane asshole thinks this is funny?

  • Eddie13

    #24 – What the Fuck, Chive?? This is not cool at all. Fucking with animals should be off limits – stick with real PUSSY why don't you? You're just being a dickhead now, Chive. Fuck you.

  • Gallus

    Every time I see pics of houses on hillsides in California, I think #17. I would never live in one, or *below* one.

  • Average_Joe123

    #35 Your argument is invalid.

  • Willie

    #24 its ok, if they do suffocate they have 8 more lives.

  • kitty

    #24 someone's suicidal

  • SkofeALofe

    #3 abandoned amusement park in Korea?

  • rlyboredallday

    # 36 OM NOM NOM

  • rlyboredallday

    Om Nom Nom

  • AlonsoconS

    #2 just craped my pants

  • Rafiki

    #24 Fuck cats, they got what they deserve

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