The Canadian KCCO’s have returned!

 The Canadian KCCOs have returned!

Men’s and Women’s Canadian KCCO’s have returned to theCHIVERY for about the next few minutes. I’d like to personally thank all our Canadian Chivers for being such enthusiastic people in general. I’m especially blown away by how many Canadian Chivettes we have out there. Do y’all grow on trees?

For the record, yes, I know we need a Canada Meetup; I still try to read every email that comes our way. We’re working on it although I have no idea which provice/city will get it, sound off.

Men’s and Women’s Canadian KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Also, Keep Calm Posters have returned RIGHT HERE as well as our KCCO Big Badass Coffee Mugs RIGHT HERE.

As always, good luck and godspeed!


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