Thoughts on the Honey Boo Boo Child? (22 Photos)

  • hellenkellerwas@man

    I had to watch saving private Ryan 3 times to get over this shit

  • Andrew Kosko

    Absolutely disgusting. This family, the pageant show, and this new show make me fucking furious. It makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.

  • ray pallari

    Please Chive. Do not promote this type of worthless trash. Let it die in the dark depths of Hell where it was created.

  • Ruined

    Ugh. I'll never have an erection again

    • @iGeorge_S

      Best. Comment….EVER!!

  • Gab

    Is that MiMi from the Drew Caret show?

    • l2type

      Drew Carey, ffs

  • Lori

    Their family tree is a wreath.

  • Dr. Gonzo

    #11 I feel bad that we are making fun of a child, but then, she looks like she skinned, ate and is now wearing the face of another pageant contestant.

  • Chris A.


  • nouu

    I seriously wish all these people would die.

  • MileHighChief

    This is a little disturbing…

  • stromo

    this is whats wrong with america

  • tony

    all that's wrong with the world.

  • Scorpion

    this thing needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery! along with the parents and other participants of these bullshit todlers in tiaras pagent shit!

  • Concerned American

    It is so sad that they would even put this show on Television… I mean what has television come to now days?? We lose great shows (like House) every year and they fill them with shows like this… The bad thing is people watch this shit!!! Number one why would you watch some meaningless show like this in the first place… Number two, the kid is fat (I have nothing against fat kids, I use to be one) and her parents have he dressing like a hooker walking around up on some stage… Number three, why are the parents of this kid not teaching their child to act like child (oh wait I am sure they are getting a large sum of money from somewhere)… It is shit like this and Jersey Shore that sends the message to young people that you dont have to do well in school and make something out of yourself if you can get on TV and act like a retard for an hour a week. I hope her parents have a nice college plan set up for her right now and is setting her up for success later in life when they realize that most Americans dont want to see a retarded child dance around on stage. And lastly the producers of this show… WTF are you thinking… Really you have nothing better to put on TV that you have to disgrace your channel's name with crap like this… Here is what should happen, you should donate your money to a learning channel or something rewarding like that instead of paying this kid's parents to encourage her to dance on stage and act like she is some cracked out baby… Also just for airing shows like this you should be required as punishment to listen to Nickleback for a solid 24 hours (because any more than 24 hours would be inhumane) with no way of blocking their music out of you heads…. Then maybe, just maybe we will have some justice for the crap you put on TV… This of course is just my two cents… If you dont like it then your just as retarded as this child and her parents…

  • Sam Sorensen

    Her parents need to be flogged in a public square. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. The CIA was able to prevent a 9/11 level terrorist attack by torturing their captives with this horrible garbage.

  • woody

    a bunch of no-talent overly self-indulgent ass-clowns making shitload of money because a bunch of idiots will watch them on t.v.

  • bdg

    WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!

  • WTF this is so sad and sick on so many levels

    South Africa

  • Beardogg

    God Bless Her! We only hope that the money from this show gets Honey Boo Boo that Edu-macation that she deserves and she becomes a somebody. Still making more skrillah then # 1, 2, or 3… etc.

  • Jesse

    it should be mandatory that these people should be sterilized so they can do no further damage to the gene pool. and may god have mercy on the rest of our souls while this show is on the air.

  • @iGeorge_S

    My eyes!! What's been seen can not be unseen!!

  • MolEch


  • tv makes u smart

    #22 all this honey boo boo talk people forgot about the stripper who somehow made it on the show. oh here let me just dress my daughter in a leather dress and hat while i match her only i look like a hooker. PUT ME ON TV

  • felix

    Kill all them parents. Seriously where is child support in these situations?

  • ZanGeeF

    i actually watch an episode today… and honestly its fucking halarious… the shit this family says and does is like wtf… well it make me laugh… over all pageant kids are fucked espeically ones named honey boo boo

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