Thoughts on the Honey Boo Boo Child? (22 Photos)

  • yeah

    take her to times square and publicly execute her for the whole world to see.

  • Chris

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

  • JJWatson

    you want my thoughts….when i was a kid TLC meant the learning channel and I watched things like JunkYard Wars!. Now TLC means how many freaks can we exploit to earn a buck

  • Chris

    Sometimes… Sometimes I think that eugenics might be necessary.

  • ...

    In the name of everything that is good and true, can someone explain me what did I just see?

  • Buntcake72

    I think the mother looks like a human Saint Bernard with the medicine pack under her chin.

  • LegendsShallFall

    …so sad to see so many aggressive comments about 6y old child that didn´t choose her parents, there is nothing KCCO about it…you should know better as adult – that is soooo wrong – and you ask yourself why society is getting dumber, it starts with you as good example, so behave, there are other ways to express your opinion except posting "kill it with fire"…

  • JopatheDopa

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Spaced Kowboy

    This kid has Jon Benet written all over her. If she lives long enough I wonder if Hefner will marry her after she does the obligatory Playboy spread?

  • blerg

    I think its best to put it asleep…

  • JohnnyDingo

    sorry but what the fuck is this?

  • seidel182

    Fat Kill Die!!!!!!!!

  • saicon

    Better than the Kardashians cause at least what yu see if what you get with these folks!

  • sean

    hard to say what's worse….the fact that this little girl is already obese,
    "redcognizing" her redneckness and mom looking like she could eat honey boo boo for an appetizer…or the dominatrix combo in #22…i'd say the former. i see serial killer in her future

  • raywilliamjohnson

    whoever let these people reproduce? all i saw was them at a dumpster. all i know is that when you deal with rednecks, u take the IQ of all the people and add it up, then you divide it by the number of people.

  • Moose


  • ces

    cant even get away from duckfaces on ugly mothers!


    Pigs birthing pigs!

  • Downbelow

    Hell we get your re runs here in Australia …..give us a break !!

  • Average_Joe123

    This show is one of the signs of the oncoming apocalypse.

  • Uncle_Milty

    Gene pool's closed due to AIDS.

  • christopher

    Ok, please kill them both to save humanity from being infected by this virus. They are like a plaque and need to be eradicated from this realm of existence.

  • Christopher

    After seeing this post, I kinda feel like I just got date rapped. The night started out right. Just enjoying the evening having a couple drinks. Now I am wakening up after seeing this and am sure I need to take the morning after pill to eradicate this from my body and mind.

  • maansson

    No pig, that won't do. That just won't do…

  • Ro'

    Sorry, but I got absolutely no problem with Alana or her family – more power to them, I say.

    I think that Honey Boo Boo is the walking definition of the phrase "I don't give a fuck", which in my opinion makes her awesome.

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