Thoughts on the Honey Boo Boo Child? (22 Photos)

  • Jerry Mitchell

    #22 And the little miss trailer park award goes toooooo… Eh who gives a shit, you'll all be touched by your step-dads tomorrow anyway

  • DMoes

    Fastest Scrool through a post EVER! Retarded

  • Turdcutter Jim

    This post gave me cancer

  • Chris

    You just wasted a post

  • Trevor

    This should even be a post, they shouldn't get any redneckognization even negative or good!

  • Dana Foreman

    Chive please,….this spoiled redneck rodent needs to have her head go splat with a baseball bat. Disgusting show, disgusting parents, what the hell is TLC placing this crap on the air. This kid has pedophiles running for the hills! Grooooosssssssss!

    • Coldzilla

      Wow really? I may not like the show but saying that someone needs to take a baseball bat to her head?

      You really need someone to help you cut down the voices…….

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #22 Anf the award for worst mother of the goes to!!!….

    • Coldzilla

      Its a 4 way tie!

    • Vree

      Fetish cop mom and daughter chewing on a dildo…I'd say.

  • led126


    sorry pigglet isnt cooperating he's not a fann of other piggies

  • kokuryuha

    Never knew my morning could include so much mental trauma…

  • DrBoogie_R32


    And not just these two, the whole of child pageantry.

  • COTE


  • truesaint


  • oclvtrek

    I'm can't believe this shit is on TV and that people actually waste their time watching this trash. That said I can't turn away…it's like watch a car sitting on the train tracks and the train barrelling down on them. WTF is wrong with me?

  • Hooka

    That entire family need bitch slapped into another dimension.

  • Beeker

    Everything about that family is fucking disgusting.

  • MistaDabolina

    somebody should put her to death before shes old enough to reproduce. this is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with parenting in america

  • Kodos


  • melcervini

    its whoring out children.. plain and simple.

  • Crystal

    These are the times when Darwinism should be allowed to do it's job.

    • amrith777

      YUP!Someone needs to throw a ton-o-chlorine into the gene pool!

  • Fazool

    Dear god what has this world come to?!

  • led126


  • zirk

    I think i barfed a little in my mouth.

  • Fappy McFapperson

    #11 I have lost all faith in humanity

  • Nick Coldathanapolabearstoenails Hoth

    Same disfunction as the Kardashians, sans the Bently and the trust fund

  • @alunsford1209

    I'm reminded of the song "the idiots are taking over" -nofx. We're screwed.

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