Thoughts on the Honey Boo Boo Child? (22 Photos)

  • Lucky ducker

    I think this is everything I hate about The Learning channel now. they used to be better than discovery, then for some dumb reason, have decided to do nothing but bad reality tv or Having a baby, had too many babies or want to have a baby shows. I have not learned a thing from that channel, other than it makes me sick to turn to it, for at least the last 10 years. WTF happened to learning anything there?

    • amrith777

      I've learned something from it–look at all the shows on this channel for the past 5 years at least,prolly closer to 8.I've learned that the more dysfunctional and ugly (inside and out) that you are–the more this channel will reward you by giving you money and exposure.
      I have ALSO learned that shows like these can only survive with an AUDIENCE and I don't know what's worse–the people IN the shows,or the people that WATCH them–and not just casually,but RELIGIOUSLY.
      I have learned a bit more why other countries think the way they do about us and that the collective dumbing down of our country is sadly NOT a rumor!
      I weep for the future and hope the Mayans are correct…..

  • sycocid

    My life now seems much better now. Thanks Chive!

  • chiver

    kill it before it breeds!!!

  • guest

    That show makes me hope the Mayan calender is right!

  • justin

    I didn't think there would ever be anything more apocalyptic/society ending than jersey shore…I was sooo wrong.

  • Tunip

    The mother is the same age as Kim Kardashian, and as a person reading this from outside the US, yeah, this really doesn't give a good picture of your country.

  • mrmostlymittens

    This is holding us back as a species.

  • jim thorton

    saddest man on earth.

  • IrkTheJerk

    Kill them all with FIRE


    Canada to America:

    **Slap on hand**

    No! Nnnnnoo!

    Get that shit off of our TV

    • dawgbone98

      How did this slip through the CRTC?

  • Mr.Eff

    I think this child, and all of the children being exploited like this should be taken away from their disgusting pig mothers, and put into foster care where they have a chance at a decent life. Fuck these sub-human pieces of shit.

  • stalin

    Crazy rednecks, what will they do next? Haha

  • Nishtai

    Sometimes I wonder… "why haven't aliens made contact with us yet?" Then I see things like this and I stop wondering

  • Mike

    TLC should have to change the name of their network until they actually air a show that allows anyone to learn anything.

  • Matt

    #11 her chin is her neck, her neck is her chin

  • bma

    I'm reaping the benefits of not having television programming in my home.

  • mith

    That entire family needs to be removed form the face of the earth. If I could go back in time, I would shoot not only that fat disgusting mothers great great great grandparents in the head but the great great great grandparents of each of her babes daddy's. That entire family should have never been brought into existence. They are nothing but a complete waste of space. That fat stupid little bitch needs to be sterilized now before she can reproduce.

  • William Teach

    Thoughts? Her mother and everyone associated with that show should be prosecuted for child abuse, child endangerment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Unfortunately, we can't prosecute someone for simply being a major league asshole.

    And John should have to provide a free Chive shirt to everyone who leaves a comment on this post.

  • hello

    Anna Nichol has returned

  • Ryan

    I hate this like cancer.

  • Anomanom

    Mr. Anders Breivik, I'd like to offer you a job…

  • amproctor

    That poor father. I hope he has a mistress or a dog or his own bathroom at least.

  • austin from dallas

    what the fuck is wrong with the world

  • Duck

    #7 Aww how cute, a pig holding another pig

  • Crash


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