Three cheers for burning your bra (36 Photos)

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  • Fuzziest

    #4 definitely shopped.

  • Deuces

    #44 MOAR!

    Best Burned It picture to date. Fantastic

  • Ruffio

    #5 I would love to make you neck and bak arch all day long. Very nice!

  • Mike.Jones

    #1, #2, #40. All awesome.

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Todays burnsday is excellent! Very shapely selection. I like it. 🙂

    • JustSayin

      Where's your submission?!

      • WisGal_KCCO

        Apparently in Chive's deleted box.. 😦

        • twd22285

          did you ax your tumblr?

          • WisGal_KCCO

            You didn't get my message? Yea, I switched over to twitter. Search around and you'll find me 😉

            • Martin_McFly

              McFly.. out of the loop as always…

              • WisGal_KCCO

                Do you have Twitter? Join in the fun!

                • Martin_McFly

                  I don't 😦

                  Barely have time to Chive and use Facebook, let alone other social networking venues..

                  Huh.. for having a Time Machine, its funny I complain about not having time..

                  • WisGal_KCCO

                    You are seriously missing out. Like… Really.

            • twd22285

              Didn't get it 😦 Search @doan_tony to follow me! thanks

  • boob_cuddle

    #5 a perfect spot to cuddle some boobies.

  • skinger

    #36 She is stunning. Would love to see the rest!

  • bskjgb

    selena gomez looks like a 12 year old

  • smiley

    #5 I've died and gone to heaven

  • Crimson K-9

    #4. Selena Gomez?

  • nick mac

    #34 the world needs moar!!!

    • bdg

      Can I smell your fingers???

      • JustSayin

        That's not creepy at all bdg.

  • J_ny

    #29 #39 damn hand bra you get me every time!!!

  • brad

    i fell in love 50 times

  • Big Duke 6

    #43 totally overloaded my hotel fetish.

    • WaitBackTheFuckUp

      You have a hotel fetish?

  • kyle

    #50 LEGEND!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Gorda

    …way to close with some Marilyn,sickest curves in history!

  • Guest

    Leo, you're a genius when it comes to sexy, hot women!

  • gogo


  • Average_Joe123

    #3 #37 #41 You are doing it right.

  • inked1992

    #6 for the win

  • Damian

    #21 Goodness you're fit, and did you bake a pie?

  • wrench

    Moar please !

  • BabyJesus

    #14 is just about perfect! We definately need MOAR of this angel!

  • David

    #1, #33 and #41.

  • joe

    Shut up, you had me @ # 1

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