Well played… (35 Photos)

  • iChive

    #2 God bless you.

    • really TSA?

      maybe I'm just a bad person… but does anyone else think this is a good way to poison the entire airplane and take over it? I can't believe this is allowed… Unsealed candy in a baggie? You wouldn't let your kids eat that on halloween…

      • r@f

        you have a choice to eat it or not.

    • Guest

      Who exactly was that candy given to? Every passenger on the flight? If so, then that is very weird…

    • Just sayin'

      Lame sauce!

    • Deep Dish

      It's a nice gesture, but instead of inconveniencing other passengers, maybe don't take your kids on a plane until they're old enough?

      Yeah, it would suck to have to drive everywhere instead of flying, but they're your kids. The other 200 people on the flight shouldn't have to worry about listening to a crying baby.

      • Nick

        Ha, you're hilarious.

      • Jeff

        Says someone who has never taken a small child on drive longer then 20 minutes.
        Good luck on your 40+ driving hours trip with a pair of 3 month olds.
        If you are traveling with kids that young, it's generally not your fist choice of activities.

        I'll take a plane full of crying kids over the fat people that spill over into my seat. I keep myself fit and fit nicely in my seat, so stay out of it.

        • Unjimable

          You're willing to annoy every other person on the plane by taking a screaming small child on board because you think it would be too annoying for you to drive the distance listening to screaming children? They're you kids, learn to deal with it.

          It's also fairly cruel to take small children on planes. The pressure difference in their ears can be very painful.

          • Chivalrous

            Unless you're flying to Hawaii … or Japan, or Australia, or any other island not easily reached by boat. Or if you're flying across country, cuz "just drive" doesn't seem so appealing if it's New York to Los Angeles.

            • What?

              Tough luck, should have thought about that before you had a baby.

      • Perkins Maxwell

        (a) i don't have kids
        (b) babies on planes are annoying as $hit
        (c) wtf? Get over yourself asswipe and accept that when you buy a plane ticket you're buying the possibility of a screaming baby nearby.

        Or just drive–the other 200 people on the flight shouldn't have to worry about being near a screeching asshole like you.

      • MylesofStyles

        People who are bothered and/or annoyed by children were the worst kids when they were little. The more they dislike kids, the worse they were as children. It's directly proportional.

        • Mattman

          I was a good kid, I like kids, but am annoyed by screaming ones on a flight so cite your source or stfu.

          • MylesofStyles

            I'm going to have to call bullshit. We all know you were the spawn of satan as a child. Nice try though Matthew.

            • Mattman

              Great source, cunt face.

              • MylesofStyles

                LOL. U MAD.

    • Rich

      In this day and age if fussy babies are the worst thing I have to endure on a plane, I consider myself lucky.

      • dawgbone98


        I have headphones, I can put them on and ignore crying kids.

        I can't shrink, so when the asshole in front of me just randomly flops his seat back I get a bit more annoyed.

    • Stacey

      Why don't more parents do this on flights?? Seriously, even if the kids cried, I'd deal with it for parents who actually realised they have an impact on the people around them!

    • jasgat66

      How about pay for a round of drinks for the people near you… That would work for me.. Of course I would order a double rum and coke..

  • Gun_guy

    Instantly made me think of the first best way… mmm

    • _DoC_

      *Goes down on girl….still wont lick fingers after*

    • Woop

      KFC of course.

      • bella

        Actually a Portuguese restaurant…galinha de churrasco ao piripiri…then you can lick your fingers 😉

        • mkr

          Actually a south african restaurant…

          • squishy

            ja, true.
            they had great ads even back then

    • Ned Ryerson

      Wow…. that's a ballsy ad. Pure awesomeness!

    • BigOtis

      They spelled face wrong

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Coupled with #31
      Sounds like a date

    • Kato

      Dude… Nando's is awesome especially the peri peri sauce. No pun intended.

    • Smokey

      Why did they have to change the sauce, it was better before!

  • ABc


  • BigPup

    #11 BEST part of summer!

    • Simon

      I preferred Success Kid when he talked about things kids did. Now the meme doesn't make sense to me.

      • fuksh03s

        Thats cause you are weeetaded

  • Oscuh

    #35. Where are these restaurants? I have to now eat there every day.

    • http://www.facebook.com/travis.o.pike Travis Orgz Pike

      South Africa….. they do peri-peri chicken but they are more famous for their ads

      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        British Columbia as well. There peri-peri is awesome but there chicken sucks.

    • ForzaRoma

      Nando's is all over the UK and there are 8 Nando's in the US, but they're all in the DC area

      • Larry

        Yep. One near Chinatown in DC, and they opened one in Annapolis not too long ago.

    • Asolare

      Very big in the UK. It's ok but basically just grilled chicken & chips with a hot sauce

      • Iron Fists

        There is no JUST about it, my friend! Nando's is the greatest!

        • Daith_Lee

          Probably the realest thing I ever read….I ate that stuff being station in London for almost my whole tour…LOVED IT.

    • DaddyD

      All over the Middle East as well.

    • Dundee

      Everywhere in Australia too. Extremely good if a bit overpriced.

    • nomad440

      They're a fast food chain in South Africa and have some of the funniest and controversial ads out there. their media campaigns are more often than not hit by a court interdict, to stop them showing them on national television. the chickens are tasty and extremely spicy (- Neill Powell Johannesburg, south Africa) go and watch some you tube videos, you'll love them.

  • JTW


    • Gun_guy

      Why are you yelling???/!!!11!!!!!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      IT WAS 1991…NOT 1992!!!

  • Dr. Jb

    Ha, those were good. Have a great day

  • Gun_guy

    Wouldn't it be easier to plug two babies mouths rather than everyone else ears?

    • John

      please remember your comment and do it to your babies

      • Craigery

        Hopefully he'll never have children. If he does, they'll probable end up shooting themselves accidentally with one of Daddy's guns.

        • Gun_guy

          It's unlikely that I will have children. Even if I did, your comment is weak. My two siblings and I all grew up with MANY guns in the home, none of us have been shot. I am a HUGE advocate of firearms and that includes firearm safety. I probably have more firearm training than your local beat cop.

          • Simon

            Good for you. Where I'm from, we don't regard boasting about the excessive ability to kill as an honourable trait.

            • Gun_guy

              Oh, see then it's as simple as different backgrounds. I am proud of where I come from and who I am and I am sure you are too.

              So different yet united under the Bill of Rights and guaranteed our inalienable God given rights.


              • goon

                You guys say the strangest things.

              • Craigery

                I missed the part of The Bible where it says that God gave man the right to own guns. What book and verse is that?

                • spaceace

                  Every creature has the natural right to protect their life.

                • guest

                  Thats becuase the Bill of Rights is not in the The Bible.

                • Gun_guy

                  I am a christian so I say "God Given" rights, do you prefer "Natural" rights? The bill of rights is sort of like a birth right to Americans.

                  • partysauce

                    too much preaching going on here

                  • Dan from L.A.

                    I am so annoyed by "Christians" these days, and I am very much for gun control. But I'm very impressed that with all the negative responses that this guy got for a comment that was no different than other sarcastic comments, Gun_guy kept it civil. KCCO Gun_guy.

                    • Gun_guy

                      Thanks, Dan. It's good to see we can set our differences apart and maintain respect for one another.
                      KCCO to you as well.

    • John
      • Gun_guy

        I've kept it civil, as you can see. I speak no differently on here than I would to your face.

        • kristin

          Except that you are jackass who criticized 2 parents being considerate to other people on the plane…. If you don't have kids then you don't understand so why not shut the hell up, they could have just gotten on the plane and let everyone deal with the sound of their children

          • Gun_guy

            Except nothing. It's my opinion to have. The original post was meant to be a joke. If you are offended, tough luck. It's the internet.
            Way to be the first one to start the name calling though. 😉

            • kristin


              • Gun_guy

                Kristen, you're so well versed. Your parents must be proud.

  • Kodos

    Two .45 caliber slugs to the chest usually stops most cases of assault & battery….

    • True Story

      Two? you must be a shit shot.

      • average Joe

        yes, always double tap (we have to call it a "controlled pair" these days) and put one in the head for good measure.

    • Craigery

      Hitting on = assault & battery?

      • THX

        It does not! How dare you imply such a thing!

    • Speer Gold Dot

      …and makes the world a better place for less than $1.50.

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  • Bubba

    #2 WIN at parrenting

    • Yazo

      But not spelling…

  • Your boss


    • Gun_guy

      That would mean going back to being bored.

    • Billy

      True dat………

    • Firefighter23

      You're not my mom!

  • bill murray rules!

    I just saw a preview that TGIFridays is coming out with a drink called BFM.

    • Gun_guy

      Link, or it didn't happen.

      • bill murray rules!

        i work at fridays they claim it means best fridays margarita

        • Kristen

          Hahahaha…"i work at fridays"…bwahahahaha.

    • Max

      Fuck TGIFridays.

  • cat hammer

    It appears that I am first…..but I bet I'm not.

  • Iso

    #5 Go Dad!

    • Guest

      He sounds like an idiot. Just leave the girl alone. What did she do to him?

      • insted

        She rudely interrupted his lunch by being overly aggressive and offensive. (I learned things like this from watching the DNC)

      • KCO617

        Awesome Dad is Awesome. You shall respect it.

    • Craigery

      Hey geniuses, this is an old joke. It didn't actually happen. Maybe when you're done you guys can discuss whether or not the chicken should have crossed the road.

      • Hobokenguy

        Old, old joke. Started when the internet was written on tablets.

      • Patches

        I knew this joke before it was on the internet. You probably hadn't heard of it then.

    • oddity

      Cheech and Chong Joke…this chick is a fake.

    • Morley Dotes
  • trixi

    I want to see someone try #31, just to see what happens.

    • http://twitter.com/aguysthought @aguysthought

      tried earlier, failed terribly.
      Story of my life

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Just tell him, that's why you're Always Wet

    • matt

      if the girl trying looks like the girl in the picture, im sure it will work just fine

    • Naggert

      Wait what? So the 10 year old is a gay boy?

  • No s*** sherlock

    #10 – Oh yeah right. You throw that shit in a frame and it's all inspirational. I try to do a pressed ham on a cop car while they're at the light and I'm suddenly arrested for public indecency. That's fair.

  • Nick

    #5 you all know that you have wanted to say that to someone. Classic

    • Craigery

      It's a classic joke, but I doubt it ever actually happened.

  • Yazo

    #5 So you could say, your Dad killed two birds with one stone…

    • Ben

      ba dum tssss

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.hoth Nick Coldathanapolabearstoenails Hoth

    #32 Thanks for the sandwiches?

  • fo1133

    lol <img src="http://rf.revolvermaps.com/h/m/a/0/baff00/128/10/51z5xt3nzwb.png&quot; width="1" height="1" alt="map" style="border: Opx;">

    • Yep

      Lying Obama Lies

  • Dark Helmet

    I laughed for a minute. Very funny.

  • Taco_Depot

    #34 Genius. Now where to acquire a grown-up sized Slow Poke costume.

    • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco

      I don't get this… the date isn't on the image
      not funny

    • Matt

      I don't know Pokemon at all. What's slowpoke got to do with trick or treating?

      • Taco_Depot

        Well it'd be a costume. Of a Pokemon.

      • The_Ger

        I thought Slow Poke was Speedy Gonzales' cousin…

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 very considerate and that doesn't happen too often

    • smallchinaman

      I used to hate flying anywhere near children, then I had my own. I still don't enjoy it, but now I understand and don't rush to judge the parents. Baby's sleep, shit and cry. There is no mom or dad that can change that.

      • Kristen

        Your kids cry because they're Asian.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #31 better yet say" I'm 80% warm water wanna go for a swim?"

    • Craigery

      I think the only women it would be possible to "go for a swim in" are Octomom and Mrs. Duggar. No thanks.

      • Wisti

        you haven't been doing it right 😉

      • Kristen

        After Octomom lost her house to foreclosure, they moved into her uterus.

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