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  • Jason

    #27 why do you need to take the wheelchair with you!

    • Tiber_Septim

      she may need the back support

    • Tiber_Septim

      she may need the back support, I don't know what's wrong wiith her but if she has MS she can be pretty frail

      • blueberry

        I'm no expert, but being pretty frail or needing back support are probably both contraindications of bungee jumping.

        • somebody


          • Kyle

            Well played

    • Chiver

      Because its easier than holding the person up out of the chair to harness them. Its easier to hoist them back up and onto the deck than having to pull them up by their arms. It's more comfortable for them. And it looks super amazing on camera!

    • Ohthat

      So they can propel themselves when they're ready and not have someone throw them off the platform. Also, when they are brought back up or lowered down, no one has to carry them to their chair. Bungee jumpings not about the fall, it's about making the jump.

  • Mark


    • Optimus

      burn in hell

      • Tom

        Optimus. You fell for it. N00b.

      • S. Lebuffff


    • Paula_


      – Fan testimonial: "Bob is obviously unemployed, or should be. – rocknrollguy"

    • NoHope4Some

      People who comment first! Please stop, you may think its funny but nobody else does and its getting repetative. If you haven't seen yesterday's "There are sexy chivers among us" go look at it now and read what John said.

      P.S. If you thought of replying "first" to this comment, you should go lay down the nearest freeway.

      • the first guy


      • kidn


  • Sanchez

    #19 Sex in the City reunion?

    • Byron_Black


    • chris043

      Damn it, I was thinking the same thing. Nice job.

    • Canucks_Rule

      Fuck SJP.

    • Realio


      John Elway's farm?

  • Steven

    #20 I would still be ok with it…..#24 RON SWANSON FOR PRESIDENT

    • DickFitswell

      Oh, their just asking for it dresses like that.

      • kidn

        judging by your command of the english language you'll probably be the one to beat them over the head and haul them off to your cave.

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    #41 pretty much guaranteed there's no change in those cushions


    First. Haha.

  • Smack76


    • Bootsy McGee!!!

      First reply!

  • tim

    im hungry

  • Roy1531

    Actually I think I might just like it!

    • someone

      that chick would struggle to "rape" any man

    • somebody

      Good, because she has a 12" strap-on

  • Optimus

    the things I would do to #6 are infinite

    • gma

      What a fantastic woman; the possibilities are endless.

    • DickFister

      I'd buy her a drink or a house

    • Pipper

      The things you will actually do are finite.

    • TTr

      Cumming in less than a minute is only one thing.

    • KoalasAreAlwaysCute

      It's creepy you said "the things I would do 'to' her" and not 'with' her…..yep creepy =/

    • shesfound

      Nikki Lynne Keller, Penn State

  • johnnystyle25

    #38 Those are some striking tan lines!

    • Casey

      i wish i foun you in my camper

    • koop

      who is she?

  • they be like smooth

    #49 is a butterface

    • Rtree

      You're saying you wouldn't be proud as hell to be walking into a crowded room with this girl on your arm? You and I have very different definitions of what comstitutes beauty . And I'll wager most agree that my definition is correct

    • Bob

      The girl is gorgeous. I don't know what planet you live on to say things like that

      • @Sask_KCCO

        Bob… sir, are awesome.

      • Darrell

        Tell em Bob!

      • they be like smooth

        I live on Earth

      • captjn

        I agree wIthaca bob. I think she's gorgeous woman.

        • captjn

          Damn I think my phone is sick today I meant I agree with bob

      • F3n1x187


    • @Violaceousgirl

      rofl. do you even know what a butterface is?

      • they be like smooth

        yes I do and you are one

        • StPaulChiver

          we see you trolling…you're hating and making yourself look stupid in the process. This lady is beautiful

        • ChiveOnFlorida

          Real easy to talk crap about someone when he won't even show his own face

          • they be like smooth

            oooooo good one

      • Tiber_Septim

        @Violaceousgirl you need not defend yourself you are gorgeous

    • Kyle429

      She is the complete polar opposite of a butterface. You need your eyes checked, bro.

      • Caleb

        Polar opposite would mean she's fat as hell with possibly a tail or strange deformity, yet still pretty. Sorry, i'll leave now.

    • Darrell

      You seriously need glasses if you think this girl is butterface. She is gorgeous!

    • @Violaceousgirl

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

      i think that might be the guy i traded for video games D=

      • Joan

        Somebody needs attention.

        • @Violaceousgirl

          i'm just restating the obvious, this was just posted on chive.
          and hey Joan, thanks for the attention! i love me some trollz ^.^

          • Joan

            Anytime, fantastic breasts by the way.

        • F3n1x187

          Yes, Joan you obviously do, what's up?!

      • @Sask_KCCO

        Don't ever change.

      • they be like smooth

        you have amazing boobs but your face is still eh

        • @Violaceousgirl

          u didn't read what i said. ur that guy, i traded for video games.
          because despite how much video games mean to me, you are much, much less than pixelated images.

          • they be like smooth

            I did read what you said and it was stupid

            • @Violaceousgirl

              i can't wait to meet you someday. lets make it a date aye? goodnight! let me know when you are available! it'll be a fun party!

              • Joan

                If I insult you too can we go out?

              • they be like smooth

                just let me know when you aren't playing video games and I'll set it up

                • @Violaceousgirl

                  whats ur email?

                  • they be like smooth


                    sorry, I don't go out with girls who don't use proper English

                    but I still want to motorboat you

                    • Joan

                      Wanna go out with me instead? I'm not that great looking, but at least I can admit it to myself and others.
                      I do what mildly-average looking girls are supposed to do, make up for it with amazing blow-jay's.

                    • @Violaceousgirl

                      yeah because the "ur" i used was trying to be grammatically correct too. sigh, i guess i won't have a new designated spam email address.

                  • they be like smooth

                    by the way I'm not the guy you dumped

              • lfsg

                Hey I want a date too!! I want to go out with a gorgeous, stunning, gamer chivette like you! I'am available whenever you want

          • Draco

            It would still be beyond me why this dbag would ever make it to a committed relationship such as boyfriend where you'd give him up in the first place. Pretty sure this guy doesn't leave his computer too often, or paula, god forbid has offspring.

        • KCCONewEngland

          to each their own, but if you wanna stick with your left hand.. god for it. ill be more than happy to hold hers

      • Umm...Chive??

        Yea… this is awkward, but you're kind of a butterface. Like where the body is amazing "But her face"

        • KCCONewEngland

          haha idk how any one could ever think this… it baffles me. she is very beautiful. if your idea of "hot" is a model, try seeing them in person, fake and they look more like a painting. she is a real woman. go wank it to barbie dolls if thats what youre looking for.

      • Patches

        ZOMG you guys, I am like, such a nerd! I play video games, that makes me a nerd and you should pay attention to me! I am such a video game nerd I got a tshirt made that says I like video games more than men! LOL aren't I just a zany wacky nerd? I bet you've never seen a nerd with tits this big huh? OMG!

        • they be like smooth


        • Joan

          AHA spot on Patches, the resemblance is uncanny

      • F3n1x187

        I like everything in here!

      • chiver

        could I trade my video games for you? ❤

      • Steve

        Good Lord. Please, dear God, say you have a Flikr account or some other tool for ensuring all the men visiting the Chive today get fired from their jobs stat.

    • @Sask_KCCO

      How does it feel to be a douchebag? If there's one good thing to come out of this, was the chive community coming out and showing her some support (Bob included!). And we got some more pics of this stunner! (guess that's 2….oh well).

      • they be like smooth

        good math

    • z chiver

      I'm sorry but I have to agree, beautiful girl but honestly not my cup of tea. Not what I want to wake up to every morning. I guess we aren't the majority of fat american pigs on here that would do anything to sleep with any women we can get our hands on. I'm happy with the girls I get.

  • Sean Robert Hampshire

    #30 thats some razzle dazzle there!!

    • Will

      Girl u r flawless!

      • Mr. McGibblets

        Who the hell is this? ? ? ?

        Bring her to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • yodaddy

          Jessica McCoy, the chive needs to blow up het twitter and get lots more of her. She is an LA girl also

    • Stupid Monkey

      yeah i like her bracelets also!?!

      • John

        yo like straight flawless

    • Canucks_Rule

      absolutely gorgeous. that dress is wearing her.

    • The Truth

      I stopped at her photo for a while. She is truly beautiful.

  • M.O.T.

    #20 On the right; "Very poor choice of words…"

  • jmdmn

    #20 seems a little un-Chivey

  • therealstake

    im in love

  • Kyle Bowen

    #39. And how.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 #6 #26 #28 awesome

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 #6 #26 #38 incredibly fine

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 #6 #26 #38 incredibly fine, any argument is invalid

  • sean

    #17 the letter h

    • Stupid Monkey

      for dyslexics

      • SmokeyTheBear

        I have the wrong friends…

  • bulletstopper

    #10 Sarah Jessica Parker and her look alike get into BDSM

  • passwordistaco

    #1 Has a better chance of winning a NASCAR race than Danica Patrick.

  • Meee

    #6 and #36 so fuckin hot

  • still Meee

    haha #26 i mean

    • Yann MATHIEU

      #26 is " Moran Atias " 🙂

      You're Welcome Chivers. B)

    • Byron_Black

      Nah, you were right. #36 is hot.

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