Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (35 Photos)

  • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

    #25 She keeps getting prettier

    • DrGarnicus

      Salute your shorts! Good night, she's breathtakingly beautiful!

    • ProductivitySquashed

      COTW. And let's just start the list for COTY (with her at the top)

    • I'm Awesome

      kayla, i love you

    • Jeff

      She can be chivette of the week forever

    • Jimmy C

      She looks a bit like Marisa Tomei here.

    • BayJay

      She's gotta be COTW sometime soon!

    • Tiber_Septim

      Hot dayum the classy lady returns! sexier than ever

    • Whore!!!

      I bet she's really popular with the rest of the squad

      • moose_nutz

        There's always a d-bag/bagette to ruin everything.

    • RobboJohn

      She is a goddess!

    • alex

      Complete hottie!!

    • J_Ace

      I second the vote for her becoming COTW. If not, AT LEAST a new picture of her in each post :p

    • Patches

      So much for being the classy girl who doesn't have to get slutty and show skin to be hot…

      • J_Ace

        She was still hot even before this picture….

    • Holy Smokes

      Wow……that is all

    • Steve

      She's in the military, she's probably had so many dudes run through her.

    • RGH

      Hey John,

      I have a suggestion for next year's calendar…

    • OJJ


    • : )

      I want to make this my wall paper. It is extremely feel-good smile inducing. What an absolute knock-out all around.

    • Okijdm

      This girl is so gorgeous

    • bsompie

      and this is the reason why i joined the AF 🙂

    • 6655321

      I know I will be hated, but I am right: too much make-up.

    • hellojello

      Her face teems of absolute perfection. MOAR!?

    • jordan

      Kayla keep it up u look very beautiful

    • Find me Kayla

      Almost makes me regret joining the marines…..almost.

  • boob_cuddle

    #4 once you see it….

    • Mr. Berg

      You mean the penis shaped rip in her stocking?

      • Justin

        No, the improper trigger control.

        • Stupid Monkey

          oh i thought you meant the non-regulation boots

    • grimotr

      kitchens have the same affect on me…

      • Justin

        Affect/effect :/ heil

  • DTAB

    #8 You guys have the worst shot ever.

    • Salty Archer


      Also, google "Humor"…

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Pretty sure it's a joke bud

      • Froman

        and a good one at that!

        • joe shabadoo

          pretty shitty one too

      • ChaseTheWalker

        He is going to be the guy to go out and get shot while wearing it and then try to sue.

    • So. Utah Chiver

      The ingredient that they didn't put on the tag was that BFM shirts are made with Bill's hair which as we all know is bulletproof, because Bill Murray is just that fucking awesome!

      • Shockteck

        When I first saw it I thought they were going to wreck a perfectly good shirt.

      • silky

        When did Bill Murray become the new Chuck Norris joke?

        • Patches

          At least the Chuck Norris thing involved some relatively clever jokes… this is just celebrity worship. There aren't any jokes, it's just "OMG BILL MURRAY" over and over and over and over…

          • asdfghjk

            i concur

          • Jerry

            At least Bill Murray doesn't believe we're heading towards 1000 years of darkness.

        • ChivetteKellie

          I hate Chuck Norris. No joke.

    • zobi

      that's what she said

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      <img src="http://i.imgur.com/YtiPA.jpg"&gt;
      Still not Paula-proof though…

      – the one you love to shoot

      • _DoC_

        Because Paula will ruin just about anything. I'm pretty sure the shirt would self-destruct rather than be touched by "it".

      • Wisti

        man…I hadn't seen a post from you in a while…I was hoping they'd somehow managed to block you…

  • Markoda

    Beautiful puppies, #5. All three of them.

    • DemonL

      Yes, but I'd only fuck two of them

      • Just Sayin'

        Go back to reddit kid.

    • Matt

      I do like puppies with little pink noses

    • Spencer

      That puppy's name is zima. As for the girl… I'll have to ask the owner

  • GeekyTex

    #24 I remember seeing this once as a kid.. It makes me quite sad my kid will never experience the same joy…

    • Salt

      I hear ya. The instant I saw this picture, I had a flashback of my childhood and even had that same toy he's holding. It also makes me happy that the parents decided that their child should witness that rather than watch some Honey Boo Boo shit on TV. There is hope for humanity.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hectormzepeda Hector Zepeda

      Cant he look at this picture? Just saying…..

    • bwmyers18

      "So, son, what do you want to be when you grow up?" "An astronaut, daddy!!!" "Don't be silly – there's no such thing!!" 😦

  • OffDaWall

    #25; MOAR

    Thanks for submitting what you have so far!

    • reclaimer

      much MOAR

      • 6655321

        But less make-up.

    • Nana

      Awesome tush.

  • miles Philpott

    #27 she is definitely a keeper!!

    • BOCO_Kid

      All I got was a blowjob.

    • DemonL

      I hope you don't mind, but today I am fapping to your girlfriend.

      • DanTheMan

        HAHAHAHA.. Dont know why but that made me laugh hella hard at work

    • seriously

      FUCKING AWESOME herbs and spices holders.

      • its_forge

        Alton Brown uses those.

      • mbns

        No shit, they have magnets on the back?? I've seen them before but never bought them because I didn't realize they were this cool!

    • JamesMoravia

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Puke

      I wonder who who else she's cooking for, slut!!!!!!

      • moose_nutz

        Seriously? The trolls are coming out of the woodwork lately.

    • Sam

      Nothing says "I love you" more than posting spank material on the internet.
      …heh, as buddy who took the photo sits back in the dark, reads the posted comments and lights a cigerette.

      • ddd

        dont worry. definitely a fake caption on a stolen picture.

    • jojoleb

      more pls ? lol

  • Vent187

    #5 excelent combo….

  • HydrogenBond

    #7 Sweet fanny pack, bro. Fanny packs are really in right now.

    • Tim

      PETA sure is gaining popularity these days!

    • 15Weight

      Called a Jammypack. Has speakers in it.

      • Tim

        You know how I know you're gay?

        • silky

          because you touched his penis?

          • Loko


    • Gnole

      Fanny packs are always in!

    • Nathan

      Thanks! been hoping that would show up for a month now

      • Ryan

        Your beard still rocks.

    • KillEatPoop

      Know what else is really "in" right now? Being a pompous vegan douchebag apparently.

    • marioincandenza

      Russian River Beer Revival. Awesome time.

  • Alvin

    #35 dat ass

    • theWizz

      keep clam and chive on…

    • DemonL

      I'd love to slip that to the side and get my tongue in there. Damn she has a fine ass.

      • Embarrassed For You

        You're shit is getting old fast. Move along attention whore.

        • DemonL

          Come on, you didn't think it?

          • Are you 12?

            Irrelevant. You're in the wrong place.

            • DemonL

              So, let me get this straight. A chick strips down, bends over, shows her ass for everyone to admire, and I'm in the wrong because I sexualize it?


              If I'd replied with "oh wow, you are so beautiful…" then everyone would give me a golf clap and we'd all go drink a beer. But because I see a woman bent over in front of me, intentionally asking me to look at her ass, demonstrating that her ass is all she wants to be viewed for, and I take the bait and reply, then I'm immature?

              If you are slutty enough to show off with the intent purpose of strutting your stuff, then people can't get upset if you get comments or turned into an object. All we have here is an object.

              A damn fine object that I'd love to spank and use. 🙂

              • Father Kevin

                You really don't get it my friend and yes that puts you in the wrong place. You'll figure it out. KCCO!

              • silky

                Welcome to the chive, where people look at half naked women then offer shallow platitudes about how beautiful a woman is when you can't see 3/4 of her body. After that, we all go order a cosmo and slap each other on the back about how we made the world a better place. Then we go write KCCO everywhere we can, as if it were the new YOLO or something.

                • silky

                  and I'm a Troll.

              • goatpunch

                One reason is, we don't know if she's OK with that type of dirtiness. Maybe she is. It's just that everyone is deathly afraid of scaring off the "real" girls who submit here. While some gals enjoy that type of response as long as they can remain anonymous, every girls' biggest fear, for some reason is being labeled a slut. So for that reason, people here discourage the dirty stuff just in case a female might be offended by it. For the record you don't have to call it beautiful. Sexy, hot, even saying what you want to do without being that specific is acceptable. However getting that crude and specific is slightly over the line. Not much mind you, just slightly.

                Still, I actually admire your brazenness and honesty.

              • bla bla

                id like to tongue punch her fart box, honestly.

    • Wow

      Has seen a lot of dick

    • Guest

      *Takes off Sunglasses* Mother of God…

    • peak a ...

      excuse me miss …..ur vagina is showing ……sorta ….just a heads up

    • https://www.facebook.com/adam.runcie Adam Earle Runcie

      Is it just me, or is this the incredible behind of Kacie, the Idaho/Boise State girl who made Chivette of the Week a while back?

    • Blake W

      "dat ass" has been photoshopped and touched up way too much….it's nice, but the natural one may have been better in my opinion

  • DickFister

    #18 and #35
    Think I just lost my virginity again.
    Oh and #9
    We've got your back, buddy.

  • c-c-c-cool

    #27 you lucky bastard

    • SmokeyTheBear

      It will be a good few minutes after seeing this until I can stand up and take my break.

      • Giblets

        Mary her, marry her now.

    • Boooo

      My girlfriend won't do this….

      • Jen

        thats probably because she has respect for herself.

  • Kodos

    Chive on, my man!

    • David

      I am a grown ass man and cant help but wonder who is cutting onions every time I see an update for Taylor, KCCO brother !

    • ar1five

      what beach is that?? looks like chics beach…

    • http://twitter.com/rah1888 @rah1888

      Chive on indeed Taylor, you are far more of a man than I will ever be, even in my dreams.

      I've never made a comment on The Chive before, but seeing this picture has made me post something. You are now in my thoughts. God bless from Great Britain. KCCO.

    • motojunky27

      Hope everything is going well for him. Can't wait for the update Chive.

    • Chivette11

      Went to his site to see how things were going and jesus christ man. :']
      His story continues to blow my mind. Decided I'm buying a shirt too. KCCO Taylor!

  • Shoestring


  • RatedR401

    DAR is early – it's like finding polkaroo

  • KCO617

    #27 is a shinning example of why theCHIVE IS the best site in the world. If you get a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend a shirt you actually get thanked and they wear the shit out of it until there a holes and they buy you and them a new one. It's not like an argile sweater that grandma gave you that you shove in your third drawer. KCCO!

    • KCO617

      I got excited…spelled *shining and *argyle wrong…my bad.

    • DemonL

      I'd wear out a few of her holes… yeah, I went there….

    • deuces_sk

      #34 like that sweater?

      • KCO617

        Mac is held to no standard.

    • cee dub

      Great toilet!

  • DTAB

    #19 Oh man….does this mean I have to get new shirts again?

    • KCO617

      Or..does it mean…you can justify getting new shirts again?

      • DTAB

        I can justify anything…..

    • Hamish the Hebrew

      Translation – we aren't getting paid so we are redesigning the shirts. I am Hebrew – I know a thing or two about collecting pennies.

    • Beev

      Can't you patent the designs or something? Even if you have to pay Bill Murray a royalty?

    • Chiver

      Best part of any week for me, Chive T-Shirt Launch! Already looking forward to it.

    • RawDog

      Fuck yeah – another shirt i won't be able to get hold of.

    • https://www.facebook.com/thunderstruck507 Kevin Shipp

      Wouldn't it just be easier to make enough shirts so people didn't have to resort to knock off junk?

      • Patches

        lol you losers are really going to pay more money to get another shirt with exactly the same design as the ones you already have, just because they have them? Fucking hipsters – "I have the shirt with the gold leaf tag… yours probably doesn't have that"

        • 340Swinger

          Or maybe we can actually get a shirt we want but most of the time can't get our hands on. Or replace the shirt we've reduced to rags from so much wear.

    • SeriouslyWTF?

      I got a couple shirts from the Chive a few months back and I have to say that the quality of the material, considering the price, was severely lacking. I called a fellow Chiver to tell him that for the money I spent, the shirts were some cheap ass material. For knock-offs to be any worse they'd have to be made from used toilet paper. Also, 2 of the mediums I received were drastically different sizes from each other.
      Just sayin'.

      • George

        I personally think they r built very nice. You do realize that these and many shirts today are designed to feel as lite as they r? I personally like to wear a tshirt not have a tshirt wear me.

      • Chive soldout

        That's because the chive are a bunch of money hungry douchebags now. Turned a 180 from when it all started. Before the app, before the ads. Now it's all about the $$$. Wish I saved the email from John a couple years ago about it being about a community not about money. What a fucking joke!

        • homerss11

          WOW. From someone who did a 180, why are you still here posting? I am going to try and get both shirts they are restocking. I still love The Chive and think this is a great D.A.R. This is a capitalist society and they are just earning some bucks, mutually supporting Chivers & Chivettes, and bringing a little levity to our lives. KCCO

      • Meh

        Gonna have to agree. Poly blend is shit and American Apparel, fuck, read up on this fucked up company. The only decent shirt from the Chive is the military shirt, at least it's 100% cotton.

  • Tillman61

    #25 Chivette of the Week material – no contest. Thank you for your service and for sending in!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Really wish this work boner would go away.

      • Tillman61

        Smokey, you're on the wrong website if you want that to happen. Funny as hell comment, though…



    • k4nt

      Bullet proven underwear and old style bullets around the neck…. i am shiffering and melting -_- sigh* "lovely"

    • Mx422


  • whyme1973

    #5 Puppy love indeed.
    #25 Furthermore, I am in love. Damn.
    #35 Always the finest endings, Chive. You do a great job!

  • RiKn

    OMG, where r u station?

    • Tom

      I don't get the down votes…

  • BGrimsleyII

    Oh… My…
    Look at those awesome spice containers!

    • Gallus

      Spice containers? What spice containers?

    • electric boogalo

      I got some news for you.

    • GunnerX

      I want to know where they got those!

    • carl

      Bet she ironworks

  • Nick in Vancouver

    #6 Dave Chapelle is brilliant – Is he ever coming back?

    • J-Walk

      I just saw him live in Minneapolis. It was a pop up show with only 24 hour notice. Amazing show and he's still as funny as ever. Hope he comes your way soon. KCCO!

    • nate_g_2003

      I wish Obama had turned out like this.

    • Nick in vancouver

      Thanks. I loved his skit when he was the blind KKK guy who didn't know he was black. Freaking hilarious

      • linkx

        I remember that one, it was really funny, for the ones that are interested in watching it here it is:

      • Kato

        Clayton Bigsby

  • http://twitter.com/kfbooth08 @kfbooth08

    Don't mind if I do.
    LG! Lovin' Chive calendar's September. It's been too long.

    • sheoncebelieved

      LG is my girlfriend. i swear

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      #14 LG is by far the best

      • fabio


    • Chivacy Please

      Welcome back LG – missing that booty!

    • loves sammiches

      #14 One of the prettiest, coolest Chivette's to ever grace the pages of this website. I miss perving her blog. It was a good read, with some pretty awesome pics to go with it.

      • _LG

        Damn! Thank you very much for everything that you just said. You are an absolute sweetheart. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

        • PNB

          So glad to see you. Any DAR with LG is a good DAR.

        • loves sammiches

          Just showin' some love from a transplanted Floridian to a native.

        • guest

          LG you are awesome as always. wo

        • patov40

          Man, I HATE when I'm two weeks behind on my Chiving. GENTILE!!! B)

    • I heart chivettes

      There will never be one as beautiful and breath taking as the OG chivette, miss LG.

    • KyleGamgee

      And here I began to doubt that LG would get a comment on the first page. Nice save, sir!

      #14 Such a lovely person.

    • OhioChiver

      Always classy LG. Keepin it beautiful. 😉

  • Walter

    #4 That's an unfortunate pantyhose run.

    • Teve-O

      Glad I'm not the only one who thought that hahahah

  • John

    Chive offices, La Crosse, WI Oktoberfest beckons you!!!

    It is always a good party, you will make it a GREAT party!!!!!


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