Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (35 Photos)

  • BabyJesus410

    #29 i laughed way to hard at this once i figured it out. perks of having the sense of humor of a 6 yr old

  • PHX561


    Beautiful and perfect for a Friday DAR.

  • Anonymous

    #25 keep the pics rollin’!

  • Daniel

    I fucking love chive

  • svp

    DAR shirts please!!

  • almorin22

    #13 was stolen from rob delaney.

  • Marine

    number 25! i like u! im uniformed also 😎

  • Average_Joe123

    #18 I just have the sudden urge to shove my face in there. Is that weird?
    #27 #35 You are both doing it right.

  • TheJake

    #25 Simply stunning!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  • Kenfurmative

    I want the KCCO shirt and need the KCDO glass. NEED IT!

  • Rick

    #12 #25 #35 ERRMERGERD! MERRR!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #27 – i hate this man.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • Laurie

    #19 Chive, please consider rotating through different release times for your awesomely cool tshirts! I'm always stuck at work when they're released, and they're gone by the time I get home. It's obvious that you have Chivers/Chivettes in all time zones, so how about a 5pm EST release sometime soon?? Thanks for listening, KCCO!

  • Johnsonator

    Nice Tröegs Brewery glass sot in #32!

  • Solaralien

    #34 The cats all like….OMG! What the fuck is he gonna do to me?!

  • Billy
  • http://www.giftguideforguys.com Gift Guide for Guys


    Step inside my office. You're f'ing fired!!!

  • O2me

    god damit, you gotta love Mac……

    I'am currently riding a unicorn from the 4 circle of hell and pooping euros, and # 34 made me chuckle. If Mac had tits he would be the internet

  • EROC

    Well if you didn't make your shirts so hard to purchase you wouldn't have to keep one step ahead of the other guys. Many of us are not up all night waiting to buy a friggin t-shirt but would love to support your riches. So if you just ordered enough damn shirts in the first place your site, cause's and DAR would be much more present. For cripes sake just let us support the awesomeness that is the Chive. We all want top KCCO and love BFM.


    A frustrated Chiver

  • joop

    "on the road toward full recovery"

    So there is a way to regrow lost limbs ?

  • Epiphany

    #8 Now let a sharpshooter test it out, with real ammo, with YOU wearing it.

  • Epiphany

    #25 I love you… I shouldn't but I do :s

  • btrips23


  • camparker

    i happen to b in the medical field as well ima corpsman in the navy hooyah
    just wanna say u r absolutely gorgeous

  • Stupid Monkey

    #30 sometimes you just gotta air it out

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