• gingergreek

    Germans get everything right. It's simply one of the best countries I have ever been to and would love to live there.

  • sadshoe


  • http://twitter.com/InaMaibach @InaMaibach

    That's just a demo-video of what it would look like.

    Two students from the University of Arts and Science in Hildesheim came up with the idea, but of course didn't get the permits to actually build one.

    So, unfortunately don't have these things in Germany, either.


  • jack

    you lost to a girl. you might as well cut your balls off and hand them to her.

  • Katy

    wo genau ist diese Ampel??

    • Marvin

      Hildesheim 😉

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  • jess

    Yeah, if it was in NYC, you'd have to wonder how long it would be before somebody took a lighter to it.

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