Go big or go home (53 HQ Photos)

  • Med

    #23 Ah shit son!!

    • Alex

      Croc/Alligator would win every time

    • Med

      Only because it's taking place in the water….. Death roll will be commencing 3 seconds after this photo was taken.

      • ThatGuy

        >implying crocs can't death roll on land too.

        • Med

          might not be as effective on land. The lion will have obviously better balance and be more nimble…. yes, i said nimble

        • LeonardoB

          The implication being you can't fucking drown on land

    • KoalasAreAlwaysCute

      IN YOUR FACE!!!

  • Trailer Ray

    #2 is an incredible photo.

  • Nick


  • inigo montoya

    Does anyone know where #1 is? I want to visit it someday. Goliath grouper for the win!

    • Brazzers


    • BGrimsleyII

      Its probably Georgia Aquarium in ATL. Worlds largest. Picture looks photoshoped though, the whale shark in the background is their biggest animal in there. There's two of them, could be wrong though.

      • Kix

        But it's in the background. Still shopped though.

    • cHIVER1


    • Aqua Man

      This is at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The grouper is fake, but the whale shark in the background is real.

    • Gurudel

      Aquarium in Atlanta. Only one with Whale Sharks I know of.

      • Kix

        There's one in Japan that has whale sharks.

    • AtlChiver

      Definitely Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. If you visit, the best Chive bar in town is The Nook on Piedmont Ave Ne in Midtown. You will be well received!

      • Awesome

        No shit? I'll swing by this weekend bro!

    • Gurudel

      http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/explore-the-aquari… Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

    • driftwoodprose

      Looks a lot like the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

    • haisai

      Okinawa Aquarium has a viewing window like that also. Has 2 whale sharks. Don't know about that grouper though.

      • Walter

        Okinama Churaumi has three whale sharks and one that was recently birthed in the aquarium. First to be birthed.

    • Julius

      It's Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo… http://www.thedubaiaquarium.com/aboutus/guiness.a

    • Dester

      It's 100% Atlanta, and while the groupers there are really big, that one is an obvious fake.

    • NorCal420

      The grouper is fake, and according to news reports, (that i cannot find because i am too lazy to google) the 2 whale sharks in Japan have been released after one of them died. 😦

    • eL Ray
    • Aquarist

      Goliath grouper photoshop.
      The largest recorded Goliath was 800lbs, the one in the photo, based on scale with the people would be MUCH larger than that.
      However, There is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA that has whale sharks, a gorgeous grouper, and manta rays all in one tank. It is the largest tank in North America and there is debate about its comparison with the world.

  • Just Sayin'

    #33 Great screen savers here

    • Also Sayin'

      And here #14 #38 #42

    • Kevrhutch

      We need more of her!

    • Frank Lee Speaking

      I'm not sure how much it saves my screen constantly wiping it off like that…

  • Med

    #41 Twiggy Marley

  • Bro

    #53 oh hey

    • HOOK

      I just sniffed and licked my monitor..

      • HOOK

        and then I typed a classy comment.

        • HOOK

          ANNND your point is?? Troll on fool.

          • HOOK

            All I do is Troll. Love the thumbs down, thanks.

            • HOOK

              Ok that is awesome.

              • HOOK

                Well that watermelon is wrecked now

                • HOOK

                  If HOOK says enough, he means enough!

    • grumpy

      Damn…We need a special gallery of Chivette close-up naughties.

  • Anonymous

    #53 Check, please.

    • HOOK

      Candy cane dental floss, my favorite God damn perfect spinner.Wow!

      • HOOK

        God, I hope she has a penis.

        • HOOK

          Yer a Tranny Trollin Whore….Silly little 'PETER BEATER'..

          • HOOK

            It's more than one person. You done?

    • Cartwright

      Pull that thing out with my teeth!

    • Kieth In Fl

      Incredible …. simply incredible. Well done my lady. Well done.

    • reclaimer

      couldnt have ended that any better.

  • Wim

    That's what I call a big aquarium…

    • chelsea_dagger

      8.5 million gallons if I'm correct in assuming this is the GA aquarium. Largest in the world, it's breathtaking to sit in front of.

  • tralfaz

    #17 I can not find Waldo.

    • Oli

      Dear God,

      When I die is this where I go if I have been a good boy?? #17

      • Zach

        Almost positive this is FSU spring weekend in panama city

        • nope

          Its from the movie spring breakers.

  • guy

    #53 Too close? Or not close enough?

    • Gabe

      Just right.

    • carnut1969

      found waldo!

    • SOhioChiver

      How about a little closer and better focus, I can't make out the peach fuzz on her ass and I definitely can't smell her yet!

  • Pat_Bateman1

    The chicks in this gallery rock. Also the lion croc fight is epic

  • MattyDeuce

    #49 Nooooo thanks!

    • Tim

      Is it just me or do you expect someone in a tribal outfit chasing after you on this bridge, yelling "Kali Ma!" ?

      • Kristen

        It's just you, retard.

        • bazz

          Indiana Jones reference.

    • Auzzya

      Lynn Valley suspension bridge in North Vancouver. I quite like living there.

  • Free Your Mind

    #20 Say no to Spring Breakers. Selena Gomez is Justin Bieber's girlfriend.

    • a-nom

      Kiss your mother with that mouth?

    • Zach

      good ol St. Pete Beach, Florida haha

    • Artie Fartie

      Really? You think Bieber's the butch in that one?

  • DemonL

    I want to play with you. I want to put things between those lovely tits. Bring a towel, you're gonna need it (unless you are the swallowing type)!

    • CanadianChivette

      Sounds like you know exactly how to talk to women..

      • DemonL

        I have yet to meet a woman who (at one time or another) doens't like to be called a slut, told what to do, be held down, and used for what I want to use her for. I know what I like. Do you?

        • CanadianChivette

          Oh, you're making me moist.

    • demonLisaprick

      yeah what the fuck. keep this shit to yourself dude.

      • DemonL

        LOL, so these chicks choose to show off their assets and I'm supposed to keep my comments to myself? You're going to flash me your tits and ass and then act sanctimonious when a guy gets turned on and makes a comment?

        Good luck with that. I'm just saying what most guys are thinking.

        How are your blowjob skills, Lisa?

        • penguin slayer

          LOL. not right but hey!

    • fafafuey

      you are on the wrong site. I guess school got out early today.

      • DemonL

        Oh, fafafuey, you got me there. I'm devastated. At least I'm calling it like it is instead of throwing out random insults. I look forward to the day when you have a better reply that "oh yeah, well, you're immature!"

        • Will

          douche bag

        • bla bla.

          its just like that picture with the caption about girl wearing a slutty shirt and then… "how dare you stare at my tits!?" you're asking for it.

          • DemonL

            Thank you bla bla. That's what I'm talking about. You show me and I'm going to use it while I think about using you.

            • bla bla.

              welllll, you might be a little over the top with that but i understand where you are coming from, totally. if you act slutty be prepared to be treated like a slut.

              • guard

                I love sluts, if not for slutty girls we would all be virgins. Thumbs up for sluts!

  • JIzzMarkie

    #12 No Cheese!!??

    • Enginerd

      It's Chicago deepdish. Gotta dig for the cheese!

    • Swamp1983

      The Best Pizza Ever

    • VaderWRX

      It's under the sauce. If you're in Los Angeles then call up Hollywood Pies and order one.

    • Ina


    • Dave

      That is Giordano's in Chicago. I would recognize that anywhere

      • Alex

        Tried it before, ate one bite before i almost puked, just disgusting

        • Kevin

          Thats because your stomach is a pussy bitch. Real men can eat Chicago deep dish.

  • hi mom

    #30 #33 FIND!!

    • zumando

      #33 Her name is Aníta Marín Óskarsdóttir. She works for Eskimo Modeling Agency in Reykjavik, Iceland.

      • Gun_guy

        Not near enough pics of her on the google machine!

    • gma

      I never get tired of seeing #33

  • temujin1234
    • temujinSUX

      unlike your commenting skills

    • reclaimer

      would have loved to see that fight go down

  • BOOM!

    Want to drink Rum off her body!

  • Alex

    #11 and hopefully not your last

    #53 MOAR

  • pingpong

    #30 me likey

  • Pete

    #2 is a fantastic photo

  • CowboyChiver

    #33 Those eyes will never get old… So gorgeous.

  • gwilbs


    Food porn?

    • johnny

      made my dick jump!

  • Amanda

    #20 Is this the beginning of a porn?

    • Irish Chive

      Its a pic from a movie called Spring Breakers. Starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco, It looks quite terrible.

      • meeeee

        It looks good to me… fap,fap,fap…

    • Irish Chive

      Its a pic from a movie called Spring Breakers. Starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco, It looks quite terrible.

      here we go.. http://www.aceshowbiz.com/still/00007631/spring-b

    • texjosh

      It should be.

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