Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (30 Photos)

  • Mike D

    #30 Trunk Monkey!

  • sideshow bob


  • Alex

    #22 please cuff me

  • Captian Caveman

    #11 I could eat everything in that pic

  • jeff

    #22 WOW what a set of legs and a killer ass THANKS ❤

  • Robert

    Someone told me there were doughnuts and beer in these pictures. Where? Not seeing them.

    I would NEVER get that lucky to be stopped by one of these

  • lat297

    #30 Lol, I haven't seen Trunk Monkey for ages! Brings back happy memories, thanks Chive =)

  • OneManGOONsquad

    no but it def resembles the penis between her legs.

  • Brad

    #3 I can almost see how she makes all that money

  • its_forge

    #3 Lord, she looks like *she* could suck-start a Harley.

  • Damian

    #30 With some government funding for research a development I believe we can make this happen.

  • tjo55555

    #29 Merica

  • Catzb

    #17 what show, movie or ad was this in..plllzzzz i must watch it in its entirety

    • CatmanDoodles

      It's an Australian show called Danger 5 and it's gloriously hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Dang #3, that’s almost 30 blow jobs!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – this pic will never get old.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Want one

    Where can I get this car security system??

  • fish_heads

    Making food fun again #15

  • gamdo

    The Second Image is nice ! 😉

  • Tyler

    That cat is a boss

  • Paul C.

    #18 a Canadian institution if there ever was one.

  • Tijn

    #25 Mhhm… I wonder what site would do something like that.
    Seriously guys, just let us mute your annoying comercials.

  • @maelstromkcco

    #26 Finally! One of my many problems has been solved!

  • TheT

    #22….dear god! Who is that?

  • Damien Loki

    #6 Oh Karl Pilkington you magnificent little man you….

  • Ironic?

    #25 this shit happens on your fucking site all the time. And it sucks dick!

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