One day these idiots’ kids will laugh at their once “trendy” tattoos (32 Photos)

Content and pictures via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • Gun_guy

    #9 says "Thevoice66"
    #11 Says "Joe"

  • Lexxy

    ohh my goodness , i blame twitter for this shitt haha

  • dallastxbby

    #32 I hope you get rejected for the rest of your life.

    • Gary

      Is that a rejection from this point forward, or from the point when I got the tattoo?

      • frank

        shopped… where is the guys belly button

  • Amanda

    #22 Go Seahawks! But still that is an ugly tattoo.

  • electric boogalo

    Unstable nerds are known to make bad decisions.

  • temujin1234
  • Sebastian

    The Meme ones aren't that bad. I fail to see how it is any different then getting then the hundreds of cartoon characters I've seen tattooed on folks.

    I'm a little shamed to admit I laughed at #18.

  • chesterdrawers

    #30, What? That's awesome… It's you that sux…

  • chesterdrawers

    I like how the swastica/LOL one is #18 hahahahaha…

  • guest

    I thought pukka (sp?) shell necklaces went out of style around 2004 ?

  • I Eats Bacon

    #14 is a PC user. You can just stop right there.

    • Computing

      PC stands for personal computer. What do you use a potato?

      • I Eats Bacon

        In common parlance, "PC" refers to a desktop or laptop running the Windows operating system, as opposed to a "Mac" which doesn't. And unlike a "PC", a "Mac" does not suck balls. I'm guessing you, however, do.

  • SilentWrath

    #32 Fake……no belly button…

    • Houston

      Not fake, its one of my buddies tattoos.

  • Know Your Roll

    This post will only encourage the hipster to disgrace himself further.

  • Jenifer

    DUMB ASSES!!!!

  • Nic

    #18 thats the hindu swastika, relax you guys.

  • Mismas

    Why is my question

  • bigcityreem

    #26 I think this is the best one.

  • Jim

    I don't see how any of these guys will have kids to laugh at them. (Except for #1. You can tell she's cute from her neck.) Hope Darwin’s theories kick it with some, if not all, of these folks.

  • Giggity

    Stupid hipsters

  • Alan

    #3 Needs to learn about CSS.

  • Josh

    What do you mean by these idiots' kids? These morons all drop their kids off in a tube sock every night and are probably never going to reproduce (luckily)..

  • Bob

    #1 it is not clever or unique if loads of fellow idiots have it. html code belongs in websites only. Stupid geeks/hipsters
    #18 swastikas are a bit innapropriate but the symbol used to be a peaceful one.
    #24 looks fake/stuck on

  • Red

    i heard the #18 was a former skinhead that what he decided to to do with his tattoo…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #24 – retards.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Jay

    #15 so much fail 😦 everyone knows l33t h4ck3rz don't use windows

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