There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (97 Photos)

More and more these days, our Chivettes are... accelerating into the turn I suppose. When The Chivettes first coined the term 'Chivette' (I'd love to take the credit but I didn't do it, a Chivette did), the idea that a farm girl from Iowa with some meat on her bones or a 40 year-old stunner from Alberta could become a sex symbol seemed absurd in this youth-crazy, photoshop-happy world... but they did it.

The Chivettes have taken pro-positive feminine imagery to the next level these days. They are your Sexy Chivers, your Redheads, your FLBP's, your Hump Day; they've dumped you, they've found you in a crowd and taken a photo with you, but most importantly, they haven't changed a bit.

Every week, the Chivettes put themselves out there without the aid of photoshop, flaws n' all. And the Chivers continue to support them. The internet is a cynical place, the very nature of the internet allows for people to hide behind their glowing screens and project whatever injustice they have in their real lives onto the digital space.

Here's a stunner. theCHIVE has an unabated commenting system, you are free to say whatever you like and it will be published. On the internet this should a fucking recipe for disaster, but theCHIVE remains nearly troll-free relatively speaking. It's an endorsement to the kind nature of the Chivers - and you get a gold star for that one, guys.

The Chivettes have changed the sexual paradigm and the positive reinforcement of the Chivers has encouraged their growth. The Chivers and the Chivettes have made it OK to be flawed, in fact you've made 'real' the new sexy. I tip my hat.

Thanks to all the Chivettes who submitted this week. Due to the volume of submissions, if you don't see yourself this week, check back next Friday. Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, submit here.



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  • Mrmin24

    I do not know if it is just me, but due to the length of some of the features, this one and CE in particular, I have to scroll through fairly rapidly and can't enjoy the feature as I would like to. Maybe consider breaking them up into smaller more manageable ones?

    O, and plus #87

  • creasemonkey55

    An eagles fan chivette…Hello #66

  • MohawkJon


    You are all beautiful, and I want Moar!

  • vinny


  • RTH72090

    #27 and #36 Im a STL Chiver too. You two look amazing. 🙂

  • kimohoyo

    I want #33

  • brian

    #68 i like the 1st one but you can take them off

  • Navy Guy

    #27 beautiful!

  • donwong

    #50 I love u. #68 nice undertoe

  • TXassMan

    #86 I didn't know such things were possible. Mind BLOWN! Sweet tooth ALIVE!!

    • kev

      She wears it so well. I propose she be the Chivette of the week.

  • noelmarquez

    #91#95 moarrrrrrrrrr

  • Kylarz

    I may have just fallen in love with #4, no big deal.

  • redman12

    #29 I want to chive @$%! out of her..

  • Tys

    #75 Woop! Nice miss Alberta Chivette 😉

  • Taylor

    #1 I didn't even look at the rest. Just scrolled down here immediately to write, "#1"

  • John

    #5 & #6 Bridget Graham for Chivette of the week!

  • Pilot

    27 and 58…WOW!


  • Rob

    meg jacobson

  • gp

    #54 where you been all my life?

  • Pdaddy

    #1 MOAR!!

  • SICK

    this is so far beyond creepy. my friend and i are #78 and its funny how NEITHER OF US HAD ANY IDEA IN THE WORLD WE WERE ON THIS WEBSITE. i have never even heard of this creeper-infested website until I got a phone call about one of my pictures being on here this afternoon. i wonder how many other girls have no idea their pictues are being posted on here? So sad, so pathetic, so creepy. TAKE MY SHIT OFF.

    • Guest


  • Tim

    #5 and #49 – Moar Please!

  • bErMeNtAl

    #4 #33 #49 #51 #80 more please!

  • Firefighter168


  • Patrick

    Please find #88 for me!!!

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