Cookie cutter houses are for the birds (62 Photos)

  • Retired Navy

    Be different. Build a house with no right angles!!!!
    No kegerrators or stripper poles??? I guess these peope work such long hours all that they do is sleep.

  • MEEEEeeeee

    i got my lottery tickets..

  • Terwilliger

    Where are the secret doors in these houses?

  • jin

    incentive ladies & gentlemen, incentive

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – love the view.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –>

  • Evan

    #2 looks like a test chamber from portal

  • guester

    for the birds…….and the over privileged.

    architect show-off pieces. none look particularly comfortable to live in.

  • Treybo1

    awesome! many thanks for the great photos.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #12 the only one that says home to me. Most of the rest of the interiors seem cold and lifeless, or more like the belong in a resort or hotel. I'm just not a fan of modern architecture or design, I guess.

  • YourFan

    #58 – you better have good upper body strength to get into that bed. At least the pull-up bar is there I guess.

  • Chris

    I could get comfortable in #48

    • Franco

      This is a stunning quilt. I love the way it came out. I have paper peiecd before, and taking the paper off is very tedious. I’m going to try the method that Sandi mentioned. Twiddletails has a great tutorial on her blog.

  • Revlis1

    #58 Awesome… If your ass is outta shape, you're not sleeping in my bed. Think of the spooky gnaw your own arm off moments this could save you from. If nothing else, the girl you met last night is going to be in pretty good shape, or can at least do one chin up.

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