Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • ike

    #4 "Could you face the wall & spread your cheeks for me a little bit"

  • ike

    #41 Pray to the Gods that it did'nt slip into your mouth while your cup was full.
    If I were you, I'd destroy the cup

  • ike

    #30 "Yesss I tend to bite the penis off while I'm blowing on it…hehehehehe silly meeeee"

  • ike

    #12 Looks somewhat similar to the Black Sabbath album cover (Somewhat Similar)

  • Theresia

    #46 BAMF!!

  • pa'ver

    #9 its working

  • mikeraw

    #16 is very very very pretty

    • Ari

      Thanks for the <3!

  • Sade

    #41 No fucking way!! :O

  • Say Nah

    #9 you did it right

  • JustTrollin

    #34 Yup, still no penis…

  • Paul

    Don't let a celebrity develop your thoughts for you. Morgan Freeman's statement will not change anyone's opinion, for better or worse. This from a guy who had an affair with his step-granddaughter! He is not coming from a moral high ground.

  • le_Dude

    If you recognized it,
    you shat bricks.

  • bz1

    #9 absolutely AWESOME! MOAR!!!

  • Busternut

    #33 UK, Fuck yeah!

  • trainer

    #9 and #15 wow.. my god. and #39 i'll take both of you

  • Sapper33

    #9 succeeded and destroyed 🙂

  • paulhitchcock

    #25 It doesn't get any more "girl next door" than that. Make her COTW, please.

  • mongoose5271

    #46 Taylor…you keep going you badass mother fucker!

  • billyjack13

    #50 Dat Ass!

  • DB3

    Bill n Ted are even there !

  • Joey Boston

    #36 & #37
    Thank the Man up stairs for LG from Boston! Only he could give us Chivers classy gals like her!
    All of us Boston Chivers are anxiously awaiting the Boston meet up so we can buy Lauren a beer (or TEN !)
    (And THANKS LG….keep 'em coming girl !)

  • acoustrix

    #25 yes ma'am!

  • Joey Boston

    #36 & #37
    Thank the Man up stairs for creating Chivettes like LG
    Looking forward to the Boston meet up so us Chivers can buy her a beer (or TEN !)

  • Sean

    #34 I wish I could see what you can see. #43 I do believe I'm smitten.

  • JTW

    #22 Easier to look fat? Than what, actually being fat?

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