FLBP: I have a lot weighing on my mind (45 Photos)

  • Bubalicious

    Be the first one? don't mind if i do FIRST

    • Bob


    • babyfartSUX

      we know it's you, guthrie. GTFO.

    • n1x

      first to comment, last to get laid.

    • Tom

      Props brotha. Only n00bs hate on firsties.

  • Cambo196

    #1 I wish I got that look in real life!

    • Jonathan

      Misa Campo… You're welcome…

    • LOL

      I will never fuck a bitch that hot,

      • Charlie

        No, not if you call every woman a bitch.

        • HaAAAAAA!

          Calling them by their name doesn't work either! unless they're bricked faced, if I have to pay for sex I rather give them money instead of throwing drinks their way; would be nice to fuck a sober woman…I think.

    • agreed

      i was thinking the same thing, then again last weeks was hard to beat. but i count 2 or three that are worthy of flbp, the rest should make through life with no major medical issues

    • Average_Joe123

      Who IS Misa Campo?

      • sandy astroglide

        Never mind that, what is this "Google" thing? What the hell does it do? If only there was some way to search for someone by name on the internet.

    • jack

      I just want to know why chive doesn't have any of the girls that many of us look for, the"full figured "The "heavy set" I would even go so far as to say the "chuby"? Just not the fat.

  • Carlos

    worst flbp ever

    • Rodney

      damn i kind of agree

      • Tom

        How come the guy who said "worst flbp ever" has all the thumbs downs, but the guy who replied "damn i kind of agree" gets thumbs ups?

    • Josh

      I think u all are gettin to picky to what u fap to

    • fgbfjb

      Yeah, the list could have been a lot shorter.

    • Dan from L.A.

      Agreed. Half of em were fake and most of the rest weren't even FLBP, just pushed up or squeezed together.

      • sfb101

        A lot of butter faces in this one…

    • skinner

      i am telling you, Bob sucks at this. Dan, you are 100% right!

      • chesterdrawers


        • Jack Wagon

          wow, this whole time i was thinking how great it was to start out the morning looking at beautiful women with large tits. ya, i think all of you haters need to go back to your homo mags and let the rest of us enjoy drooling over them big ass tits.

          • Rollo Tamasi

            Wow, you'd have a valid argument if ALL of these girls had LARGE tits. But they don't. If girl #3 walked by, sure we'd all check her out and might even comment on her beauty, but you wouldn't say "Whoa look at the knockers on her!" Doesnt mean she's not sexy, just means she doesn't belong in this post. Besides, some of these pics don't even show if the girls have big racks in the first place. Ex: in 4, 18, 27 can you tell if their boobs are truly large or not? And compare 3 and 24 to other girls and tell me they should be in this post. Why do I notice these things? 3 reasons: 1) I love The Chive and Chivettes 2) Im straighter than an arrow 3) Ive been a boob connoisseur my whole life, son! KCCO

            • WisGal_KCCO

              If you looked at the chive much, you would know that 27 is in here all the time and has a very large set. Some of the others.. you make valid points.

              • NEchivette

                THANKS SWEETS! I am quite fond of them myself lol. Fellow chivers and chivettes need to show some LOVE… theCHIVE community isn't about putting people down or being rude. We like funny shit, beer and pretty girls! Haters go home!

                • WisGal_KCCO

                  Speaking of.. when are you going to have your own post? They could easily do it with all the photos you've had on here already.

                • twd22285


                • guest

                  let me guess you like to be curious with other women…not a surprise..

    • Chesters Mule

      You are correct!



  • nodoubt

    some of these are/were men

    • fgbfjb


    • HOOK

      So, what's wrong with that. I like a little penis in my diet.

  • Dave

    I do love me some big fake titties!

  • D3AN

    Misa Campo. Helping insomniac men, sleep at night.

  • Bonnie

    #7 Still waiting for that pantieless post Chive

  • JAG

    #16 Close enough

    • DemonL

      I'd love to see her doing that trick on me. Open wide for daddy

    • chiver

      screaming for a little photoshop

  • temujin1234
  • ewdeziel

    #15 Super hot, but can we see you without the Vader mask?

  • guitarz333

    #1 #5 #19


    • JJJ

      #1 – absolutely
      #5 – hmm, maybe…
      #19 – are you frickin' kidding me?

      • Drunkn1

        #5 is Kelly Brook.

  • Jonathan

    #1 Misa Campo is gorgeous… And #4 is WOW!

    • they be like smooth

      #4 is still a butter face

      • Dude

        i hope you don't drive. get your eyes checked.

        • they be like smooth

          I do drive and my eyes are fine, maybe it's your eyes that need checking

          • Geezer

            you sir, are a douche bag.

      • Average_Joe123

        She's beautiful.

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/10/flbp-i-have-a-lot-weighing-on-my-mind-45-photos/ FLBP: I have a lot weighing on my mind (45 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] See the original article here: FLBP: I have a lot weighing on my mind (45 Photos) […]

  • DocDelicious

    #1 is the insanely hot Misa Campo

  • Natasha

    Moar!!! Find Her!! Oh My God WOW!!. Damn whats her name??.. Okay did i fulfill the requisite idiotic comments for seeing beautiful girls we just saw in a post 20 seconds earlier? FFS please can the chive return to the days of clever and smart comments. So many BabyShart clones these days

    • babyfartSUX

      so true

    • Bill

      You forgot, …..Your Welcome…

      • chesterdrawers


    • chesterdrawers

      Newfags, can't live with them, can't dip them in ranch and eat them…

    • Kristen

      Natasha, you're a whore.

  • theWizz

    #6 fantasmic…

    • DemonL

      Let those puppies free! Let's see 'um bouncing while you ride me!

  • http://twitter.com/RDRKeeper @RDRKeeper

    aaaaaahhhh #1 Misa Campo . . . a sight for sore eyes . . .

  • NZ Chiver

    #9 that I will but I may flinch as I do so…….. and #35 gorgeous

    • Brett

      Agreed. #35 hottest out of the bunch

  • matt

    Who is #19??

    • fgbfjb

      looks like a clown

      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        Honey Boo Boo in 20 years.

    • theWizz

      Adele…maybe youve heard of her.

      • Jeff

        not even close bro

        • theWizz

          nothing gets past you captain obvious…

      • thechevron


    • Hrdwood

      Intriguing… yet scary somehow… has that look like she'd eat you alive.

      • HOOK

        Nicole Montero

    • trav


    • chesterdrawers

      Jenna Marbles on the bulkmaster 2000 diet…

      • matt

        Haha kinda looks like her

    • billyjack13

      fat bitch with a bunch of make-up…..

      • big_hairy_si

        I think she's pretty – lovely eyes, tatts and a face that hints at mischief. I'm in.

        • Med

          Granny Mcphee….. looks more like a coug-ette

    • Erika jane

      Meeee 😉

      • Erika Jane

        I am not a clown thanks lol

        • matt

          Is that really you?? I must say if all clowns looked like you, i would be at the circus more often lol sadly you are not though. Beautiful yes, clown NO

          • Erika jane

            Yeah its me Erika Jane.. I sent that pic in like three months ago haha

            • matt

              Nice, well you made it!!

    • Jack

      tranny from Mars Attacks

      • Todd

        Legit pic

  • Chris

    #41 these are the droids I'm looking for

    • whos.mike

      You can have the fat one on the left then.

    • Zack Brown

      ICUP and R2Tbag

    • sauceboss

      They were at the rose city comic con in Portland this weekend. And the one on the left wasn't fat. Her face just isn't the greatest.

    • MMay

      I don't know why this is the photo that keeps getting circulated but as the "fat girl on the left" i can say that you guys chose the worst picture of us. AND on that note, haters can fuck off.

      • Polygon Window

        Good on you for replying. You don't look fat, and you're both really pretty. Glad you don't let dumbasses get you down.

      • Scott

        Don't worry the one on the left isn't fat, just ugly.

  • Liong

    <img src="http://storeshopnow.com/mm/imada/ns.jpg"/&gt; There's no one who givens me more comfort when I have a lot in my mind.<img src="http://storeshopnow.com/mm/imada/sn2.jpg"/&gt;

  • Obi wan

    #15. I find your lack of face disturbing.

    • Hrdwood

      Made my lightsaber turn on…

    • Calieb

      makes me want to cum to the dark side.

      • NEchivette

        haha I see what you did there…

    • Average_Joe123

      I find it kinda hot…

  • Yazo

    #7. Cock Tease Level – Over 9000

    • Gun_guy

      Easily the hottest pic in the series.

    • jjjjjjjj

      Keeley Hazell

      • Underbaker

        Thank you, not sure if it was her or not since I couldn't seem to raise my gaze above chest level, but it was a very nice pair.

      • Average_Joe123

        She sems slimmer here than in other photos I've seen of her.

        • Hank

          Actually elizabeth loaiza (thanks tineye!)

  • flying4

    #9 Im very confused as to how you have mirror Images of the same pic ? Maybe its just been a long night

    • The Truth

      That's just her signature pose.

    • chesterdrawers

      In the industry we call these "negatives"…

    • Filbur

      Some people lose sight of the forest while looking at the trees. Did you see the fucking forest? It's way better than the trees!

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