I do what I want (26 Photos)

Do you do what you want? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com. Or don’t, whatever.

  • HOOK

    I love cock.

    • HOOK

      Mmmmmm tasty

      • Sorry

        You will never be as good as SMD..

  • Boom

    If I did what I want… Kate Upton would be one of my wives..

    • Verbal_Kint

      is it still considered kidnapping if you give her a ring?

    • HOOK

      If I did what I want, I'd suck your cock.

  • XxJohnxX

    #24 like a boss

    • Vancouver

      GO GIANTS!

    • Jimmy.

      Everything in this post so far is retarded.

  • Stooch

    #14 Blasphemy

    • fuckyoupaul

      get a fucking dictionary.

    • HOOK

      I want his cock.

  • tv_paul

    #26 Oh you rascally old broad you.

    • jrk

      i see what you did there

    • HOOK

      I wish she had a cock.

    • Underbaker

      But if I did what I want, I would run her ass over. Good thing I have self control (most of the time anyway).

  • Rick

    #15- just amazing

    • james


    • jdmagee

      find her? !!!!!

    • HOOK

      No way in hell…wait, does the dog have a cock?

      • chesterdrawers

        B R I L L I A N T ! ! !

  • whyme1973

    #15 You look hot enough to be used to doing whatever you want. Good show.

    • HOOK

      Oh, yeah…now we're talkin'…puppy cock FTW.

  • Med

    My Fave

    • HOOK

      Cock is my fave

      • CowboyChiver

        The fuck is wrong with you??

        • chesterdrawers

          He likes cock, 'sko wit it…

        • trl87

          F-in BOPU. Should have just painted the whole thing.

      • Jon

        You do who you want…

    • Wyoming

      Chive On Cheyenne!

  • DoubleNickelJP

    #23 I asked for a hot dog…

    • jdmagee

      i see what you did there…

    • HOOK

      I'd just like a warm weenie.

  • _DoC_

    #1 Where to park your personal helo? Wherever you want.

    • HOOK

      I'd like to suck the pilot's cock.

      • Jen

        you're getting creative…

      • chesterdrawers

        you are doing it right…

  • BlueLizzardGame

    #14 should have his teeth checked. You can see there are some gaps there 🙂

    • Taco_Depot

      that's the best you got?

    • HOOK

      That was me…I do have gaps in my teeth from (drumroll) sucking cock.

    • 5eagles

      Lame comment is lame…

      • Seth

        why would you write "lame comment is lame"? do you know how redundant you sound? 'Lame comment' or 'comment is lame' would suffice without having to repeat yourself.

        Sometimes I really wonder about people…

  • Notknowing

    #20 Nip slip
    #25 Way to go, buddy!

    • HOOK

      Wish #20 was trannyquin…and I want #25s cock.

    • Alex

      This is in Raleigh, NC, right near NC State's campus.

    • wolfpack

      Chive on from NC State #25!

  • temujin1234
    • HOOK

      Gotta love cock!

  • fuckyoupaul

    tvpaul is etcrr and is fucking gay

    • HOOK

      Sweet…I'l suck their cocks.

  • Irish777

    #7 Bummm bum bum bum, bum bum, bum bum

    • HOOK

      I hope that's a dude 'cause, coooock.

      • Irish777

        ha wat?

  • flosen.one

    #23 witch dog: is so loyal, it will burn itself

    • HOOK

      I'm bored now…anybody have a cock?

  • chris

    #22 go hokies

    • SBESHokie

      I am glad that someone else recognized this. Looks like it is right outside of Norris pointed towards the Drillfield. Go Hokies!

      • hokie12

        Haha, I totally called that one too. Go Hokies!

    • HOOK

      go cockies.

    • VTchivette

      I KNEW IT! Go Hokies! (sent from class in Litton-Reeves :p)

    • Tom

      Glad to see VT made the chive!

  • Macro

    #15 Send more!

    • HOOK

      Agreed, moooooar cock

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shaffer1911 Josh Shaffer

    #5 aspiring pedophile

    • HOOK

      Mmmmm Beiber cock.

      • chesterdrawers

        tastes like shit…

  • misschris

    #6 *gasp* Beautiful! Like a Christmas tree!

    • tv_paul

      Nice Elf reference.

    • Firefighter23

      "Gavin, someone on one of these floors will take care of you."
      3 points to anyone that gets that reference

    • HOOK

      *gasp* *choke* * gag* *swallow* delicious cock.

    • danradice

      Take *THAT* Hilton in Niagara Falls!

  • Average_Joe123

    #14 Blasphemy! Everybody knows to carefully nibble the chocolate off the edges and then eat the cookie part!!!

    • guest

      hence the tag, "i do what i want"

      • Average_Joe123

        I think the "proper" way to eat it would be to break each stick off and bite at the ends…not nibble all the chocolate off, hence my post.

    • HOOK

      Mmmm chocolate cock nibbles.

  • Woody

    #15 can do whatever she wants (to me)

    • HOOK

      Cool…I'll take the dog cock.

  • Just Me

    the crazy thing is, I recognize what hotel that is for pic #6. It's the Hilton hotel in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Wish there was a prize for knowing that useless piece of information.

    • The husband

      I banged my wife in this hotel and the poster of this comment …

      • HOOK

        Can I suck your cock?

    • Underbaker

      I'll thumb you up for it. What happened to levels 3 and 4 (considering L =1 and M=2)?

      • Just Me

        good point, no idea.

    • Greg

      you got it!! My buddy turned 30, he did what he wanted! hahah

  • Kodos

    Find her… the one in the bikini, too!

    • HOOK

      Dibs on the dog cock.

  • Steamer

    #22 I still have no idea how this lady was able to get through the barriers on Virginia Tech's campus and drive over the stairs.. what an idiot! LET'S GO HOKIES

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