Life’s tough, get a dog (50 Photos)

  • DB Conor

    #44 "Imma let you finish but Bacon is one of the best foods of all time"

  • Ryan

    A dog does not live as long as a man and this natural law is the fount of many tears. If boy and puppy might grow to manhood and doghood together, and together grow old, and so in due course die, full many a heartache might be avoided. But the world is not so ordered, and dogs will die and men will weep for them so long as there are dogs and men."

    • David

      roger that

  • prostreet68

    #32 I laughed out loud. I have a boxer/lab cross that wants to kill everyone that comes close to the house. She is full retard.

  • Huzzah


    We have a sign like this at my apartment, and it shows a dog (a St. Bernard) going #2 with a line crossing it out (no words). Dogs go where they want, so my dog starts to go. One of the neighbors says, "The sign says not to let your dog do that there." I pointed at the sign and said, "Oh, it's fine. She's not a St. Bernard." That drew a laugh from the neighbor, and of course, I picked up after the dog.

  • Macro

    #47 Do want.

  • _Bison

    Thought #23 was Dog the Bounty Hunter

  • John Knolhoff

    #18 #23 cavaliers are awesome!

  • Bob

    #44…"Shut up, I got this."

  • cf3

    #19 so hungover…

  • Sade

    Love all the dogs!! *sigh* ♥

  • stan

    #37 why would someone do this 2 their dog? Idiot.

    • Jared

      Dog probly got sprayed by a skunk. Debatable if the Tomato sauce helps. But when a skunk is involved you do anything you can to stop the stink.

    • Fock PETA

      Dog Berry Derishus wit Spahgetty sose. People Eat Tasty Animals.

  • Andy

    #50 Everyone loves a Leiny's Summer Shandy in the summer time, even dogs.

  • Deedubyaa

    #21 #25 #43 RIP mackie Nero and Dave.

  • Jman

    #23 Is that Christina Aguilera? I can't tell……anyone????

  • JChavers32

    #21 looks like my dog, Kuma, that I had growing up.
    He actually saved my life when I was a baby. He ran under me while I was falling down stairs. He caught me before I hit a slab of cement.
    He was 12 years old when he died as well.
    Golden Retriever's are the BEST!! KCCO!!

  • Ty M

    what kind of dog is in #15 ?

  • ty m

    what kind of dog is in #14 ?

  • Duck

    #37 ahh yes the ever so famous battle of Dog vs Skunk! It always happens at the worst times too. I have a better solution than tomato sauce. See below

    1 small box of baking soda
    1 bottle of peroxide
    Tbsp of Dishwashing soap like Dawn

    Mix together into paste and spread on dog. Let sit for 10 minutes before than use dog shampoo and water to rinse. Smell almost as good as new.

  • Aaron B

    Shout out to #4, that's my Chi, Kane. I Love little dogs now that I have him (I have 2 other Chi's too) and I used to not like little dogs at all. __

  • KC & Thunder Up

    With all due respect to fellow chivers that feel differently, a dog is the only way to go!

    • Project Mayhem

      With all due respect, we took a vote and you suck. You should kill yourself.

  • SupraJeeper

    #46 Samoyeds are awesome. My neighbor has one. He's like a big, white dog shaped cat. He leans up against you and purrs when you pet him.

  • Stu


    It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses… Hit it

  • Project Mayhem

    The only good dog is a dead dog.

    • MikeHawk inyo mouth

      You shouldn't talk about your mother that way, it's not nice. She should've been spayed instead so shit like you wouldn't be around; there's kids in the U.S. that could've ate the food that was wasted on you.

      • Project Mayhem

        Bwahahaha!!!!! TROLOLOLOL!!!!

  • crazydog

    I have got to stop looking at these dog features or I will have no testosterone left

  • ds2

    #37 haha someone got skunk'd!!

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