Ridin’ shotgun on a road trip to Find Her (33 Photos)

  • Poke4Life

    #25 almost broke my jaw…

  • Smitty

    #13 Laura Michelle Prestin – Fitness Model from Toronto – many chive appearances

  • V4Vendetta14

    #26 looks like Britney Spears around '98. #22 Who cares what is under the make-up, cosplay is hot!

  • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

    #26 kinda looks like Britney Spears

  • Michael
  • David

    #21 is very beautiful. Somebody find her and make her COTW

  • Ben

    #23 Pleeeease find her, and send her my way. I'm in love….

  • 3string bass

    You ladies are beautiful but #33 just fucking amazing find her and send her to me

  • 3string bass

    I fucked up i wanted to say #32 my bad

  • Jeep Guy70

    way more of #14 please, for this Army Chiver

  • Stupid Monkey

    #11 would that be moar forehead? just wanted to be clear.

    • Realio


      "Ok, Ted? I'll take your case- find the chick with a forehead like a drive in movie."

      /s/ Pat Healy, Private Eye

  • cooker

    # 23 will you marry me? haha

  • James C

    Again with #4, Chive please FIND HER so we can have MOAR!

  • StupidDeep

    #30 Jacobs Industrial Edmonton, AB, Canada 1104 70 Avenue

    • Edmonton Chivette

      Nope… Try again 😉

  • Kat

    #28 is Jenah Yamamoto. She's on here aaaaaallllllll the time. gypsyone.tumblr.com

  • peter
  • Jesse

    #13 is Laura Michelle Prestin, it says it on the picture..

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #29 yes! find her

  • tjo55555

    Find them all!!!! But in paticular, #2!!!! Please!!!

  • Naruul

    #21 Oh wow

  • lebelge

    #30 Get off the rigs in Edmonton and come to Calgary!

  • zgl

    #21 – uber cute chivette!

  • steve-O

    #27 Desiree Elyda. You're welcome

  • Jerard S.

    #16, my God! Dat Ass. Dat Gap.

  • kdbruceintx

    #9 all the way

    • Duh

      Russian call girl?

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