The 2012 Paralympic athletes just kick ass (31 Photos)

  • Craigery has a great set of high-res pics from the Paralympics:

  • PvtDeth


  • mshaw166

    Just realized my problems aren't all that bad. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Cruzer117

    They should be an insperation for all of us !!!
    Chive on!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – being a long time race car fan, i saw saddened when alex zanardi lost his legs in a crash. but he was always such a positive fella shoulda figured he'd still succeed in life regardless.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –>

  • Mx422

    I admire and respect all the competitors and everyone who survives daily life with handicaps.

  • saltygary

    #4 This picture is so friggen cool. She is blind and won her race and you can tell she has no idea where her guide is about to bust a nut. Completely unfair that she wins and is one of the last to know.

    • jennifer

      This was the most amazing picture to me…….I can't imagine how scary it must have been on the first day of training to put your trust in someone to be able to run blinded. Truly amazing!!

  • Collin

    I went to Atholton high school with Tatyana McFadden. She was a senior when I was a freshman. Such an inspiration to the students there. She raced in the women's 100, 400, 800, 1500, and the marathon. Being paralyzed from the waist down didn't stop her from achieving her goals. She took home 3 golds and a bronze. Now that's chiving on right there. Congrats Tatyana!

  • longshot421

    Absolutely astonishing. These people defy description, refuse to accept any limitation and compete at a level I can't even comprehend and I have the nerve to call myself "able bodied." Absolute RESPECT for the courage, motivation and performance of these true athletes. I stand in awe of your achievements.

  • Pyp

    #15 was sat next to the bomber in the London 7/7 bombings in 2005. The person who saved her life an off duty policewoman was in the crowd encouraging her. I doubt wearing number 7 was a coincidence.

  • whiskaleafa

    i think you need to interview #30, she is gorgeous.. btw thanks chive for this post, SOO much respect for these paralympians!

  • Shea Woodrow

    #25 New World Record! Go South Africa!!!!

  • Big Poppa

    Try doing a few lengths taking your arms out of the equation just trying not to drown is hard enough.
    Nuff respect.

  • Blue bronco

    From Iowa, pal.

  • Catzb

    Absolutely phenomenal

  • Nick

    My high school teacher is the head coach for the U.S. Paralympics – Swimming!!

  • Steve

    I think the fact that ESPN had more or less no coverage of the Paralympics is pathetic. They call themselves the worldwide leader of sport, but can't acknowledge these amazing people.

  • Irl

    big up Channel 4 in the UK for the coverage and dedication to the Paralympics! whole thing was fantastic and the advert "Meet the superhumans" needs to be seen by one and all. (youtube) So bad ass

  • Garr

    #8 Like everyone else I used to make fun of the 'special olympics' on occasion but these people are the shit. Fucking inspiring.

  • Lethar

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  • Amazing....

    These pics just remind me what a fucking pussy I really am. Incredible…..

  • gingergreek

    #15 lost her legs in the 7/7 terrorist attacks the day after we won the bid

    That is why she wears the number 7

    Amazing woman

    All athletes were superb and it was an amazing event

  • Ruttiger

    All are awesome – but do a quick search on Esther Vergeer, the most dominant athlete in the World in any sport. She is the Queen of wheelchair tennis & now has a winning streak of 470 matches & was last beaten in 2003! No other sportsperson comes close to this record & she deserves more recognition.

  • Leonel_LyL

    My country won twice as many medals in Paralympics than the Olympics. Shows how hard all these guys work without any support.

  • Zach

    Not going to lie, I think I would rather watch the paralympics over the actual games, Wish it was televised

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