Hot Right Now: Shut up and take my money (15 Photos)

This man eats crazy pebbles for breakfast and insanity flakes for lunch (40 Photos)

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No word yet on what he eats for dinner, but I’m guessing it’s off the chain. This is a 25-year-old daredevil from Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Ukraine is not weak!!!

  • JMody

    This idiots death is gonna be epic. I hope someone gets that shit on video.

  • Flame_Away

    Spoiler alert: This dude doesn't make it to 30. Unreal…

  • jessi

    holy shit. and just think, someone has to be up there with him to take the pictures.. ugh. he's nuts.

  • Kenton

    definitely don't trust my friends that much.

  • Mark

    What a dumbass.

  • torero

    Put him on Ninja Warrior

  • emailhobo

    He seems fearless. Only problem I see is that he looks too Slavic.

  • joeyk

    In Soviet Russia building climbs you.

  • Smashy

    I hate to be a drag, but I really doubt this is a good idea for the chive to post this seriously dangerous behavior. This idiot is not in north America so no law suit will go after him if a kid or an idiot tries this shit here and dies. Chive, you might want to reconsider posting this stuff unless you have a kick ass legal team and air tight disclaimer.. I'd hate to loose the chive over a kid dying cause they want their picture online hosted by the chive…..

  • Supsup

    The camera man is doing the sames @#%but with a camera in hos hands now thays epic

  • Speak Up

    I'm wearing a towel.

  • Stupid

    The next post is how he died.
    At least spiderman does this with style

  • Matt

    That dude is dead in 5 years tops.. #26 ….Velcro shoes??

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  • Thom

    What is on the side of the building in #35? A half finished fire escape??

  • James

    Am I the only one who felt stupidly excited and energised scrolling this?

  • Trevor

    Never go full retard….

  • regan

    this dumb arse shouldn't be so trusting of other poeples workmanship. i.e the welding on the rod he's hanging off & the mortor holding the blocks in place. Thats the shit that will kill him, other peoples incompetence.

  • MohawkJon

    A bit off topic but, #35 where is the rest of the for escape?

  • Rich

    When he finally does fall, I hope no-one clens up the mess. Just leave it there as a memorial to stupidity.

  • Kimmy.


  • duckfart4U

    what a fuckin pussy – camera guy (girl?) is taking those pics no handed….

  • art52

    In high school, I and a few friends illegally climbed a 200 ft. water tower at night and got on the roof – the first 20 ft. was with no ladder, so we used a rope. The hardest part was climbing down. I remember being excited and scared sh**less at the same time, so there is a thrill in it, but I never did anything like that again Hope this guy doesn't ever lose his grip or he is dead or severly injured.

  • timewaster

    I worry about falling out of my chair at work…had to hold on the armrest just looking at these….

  • Duh

    Meanwhile, in chernobyl.

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