This man eats crazy pebbles for breakfast and insanity flakes for lunch (40 Photos)

No word yet on what he eats for dinner, but I’m guessing it’s off the chain. This is a 25-year-old daredevil from Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Ukraine is not weak!!!

  • YYC

    I got that funny feeling in my taint when I scrolled thru. And not in the good way

  • Just A. Jason

    This dude is giving me a panic attack.

  • fsnat

    He has more excitement in 30 minutes, than most of you in your whole life…

  • Joey

    We all wish we had those balls and the physique that goes with it.

  • Becca

    Hows about NO

  • Ella

    It's not THE Ukraine, Chive. Just Ukraine. Using "the" is considered to be patronizing to the people and the nation.

  • fry

    this guy should go on ninja warrior would more than likely do very good

  • chrismas

    all i can say is spiderman better be glad he's fake or this guy would kick his ass, my feet went numb looking at this half cat half human man a sorris

  • Bluedognever

    Such a fine line between Big Brass Ones and Dumba$$

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