Your product’s name hasn’t sold me yet, but I’m warming up to it (30 Photos)

  • SandCastor

    I have Cat Crap (#23). It's actually pretty good shit.

  • Master_Rahl

    #16 #21 Kinda sound like they should be a paired sale.

  • V4Vendetta14

    #10 Who knew there was an easier way to get Tranny Honey…fool me once….

    • Bob Johnson

      This is actually pretty good stuff.
      Pardon the pun but it keeps your tranny from slipping

  • johnq


  • temujin1234
  • Lethar

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  • Shamalbek

    I used Barf in Kyrgyzstan. Good stuff. The label has a little subscript that reads "barf means snow".

  • Anonymous

    Soooo much fail! LOL

  • flybirdsfly

    #13 What'cha got in the fridge? Umm orange juice, some purple stuff, Boo-bees!

  • joe shabadoo

    so where was this post stolen from?

  • Dave

    #14 Do you think they were going for "The jucier juice"? I hope so.

  • chicago

    #10 looks sweet, but when it 'comes out' it's bitter

  • Average_Joe123

    Almost all of these could be porno movie names. I mean come on!!! #29 !!!

  • RikuL

    It's funny, i really do have some göteborgs RAPE in my upper lip as we speak 😀 KCCO from a loyal chiver in Finland

  • Kyle

    #9 Gaytime is an Australian ice cream bar. It was around when I was a kid, I always thought the name was a bit off.
    It probably dates back to when the word didn't mean what it does now.

  • Euroranger

    #21 Ever see something that made you ask more than 1 "WTF" question?

    1: Why don't more products have simple, descriptive names like this? What the hell is a Charmin?

    2: 500 sheets? Who knew "BeGone" needed that much material? If you DID know…try laying off the Taco Bell.

    3: Pillow Soft? Really? How do they know? Did they do a blind wipe test? Would this sway you to buy this product? Have you ever caught yourself shopping for ass paper and asking "why don't they make any that feels like I'm wiping my ass with a pillow"? Do people REALLY want to feel like they're smearing leftover excrement on bedding items?

    4: "100% Recycled"? Uh…maybe it's just me but does anyone really want to re-use previously used toilet paper? I sure as hell am good with "100% Brand New, Never Touched Another Ass Ever" paper. I'm environment-hostile like that I guess.

  • myles

    #9 one of the most tasty ice creams

  • Guest

    So much photoshop and Real Japanese products….

  • Parallendicular


  • Patrick Stump

    #9 I'm Australian and grew up having many a gaytime. Actually it's quite fun to go up to tourists and ask the if they wanna have a "gaytime". As you can't tell I'm quite a boring dude.

  • bkfrijoles

    #14 what the hell is that suppose to taste like?

  • sadffsadfsfssd

    Jew's ear is an edible fungus used in Chinese cuisine. So Jew's ear juice is juice made from said fungus. Whether this is jew's ear flavored drink or juice from the jew's ear, I'm not sure. But It's not a product name fail. We don't use the name "Jew's ear" in the west anymore for obvious reasons, but it's not a product name fail.

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