80’s flash-back: girls wearing Air Jordans (56 Photos)

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  • Danny


  • rooster

    brigade sucks

  • 3deez

    need more pics

  • Bryan


  • Boobies for the win

    Every time I click on the brigade it brings up the NASA pics. IDGAF ABOUT SPACE TRAVEL! Show me the hott girls dam you!!!

  • i luv chive

    You have millions and millions of viewers….proof read your shit, dumbasses

  • Jay Weakly

    i have been a chiver for years… there is nothing i love more than the jordan 11 concords. i saved this picture and used it as my background, and was very upset when i did not see anymore photos… i hate to, but i will never chive again unless you send me a xxl kcco and a pair of concords sz 12….. i know you wont, but if you do… you will have your biggest fan ever. 1821 crystal dr lagrange ky, 40031…i love you guys..please let this happen

  • Really not impressed

    Double fail. These guys are getting lazy.

  • Oxsign

    Gees, some of you guys are lazy and bitchy. Almost seems like a bunch of women are commenting. All you have to do is go to thebrigade and its right there. http://thebrigade.thechive.com/2012/09/10/apple-p

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