A look at the enhanced KCCO and BFM’s (7 HQ Photos)

This Thursday, September 13th at Noon PST, the new, enhanced KCCO's and BFM's will be available on theCHIVERY. We've made some small but cool enhancements to the famous shirts for a reason, to make them nearly impossible to replicate.

As many of you know the fake Chive Tee market has spun out of control. And I honestly don't mind the fact that people want to rep theCHIVE because our shirts are, admittedly, not easy to score. What we do mind about the forgeries is the particularly odious quality of the fakes. You can spot a fake KCCO a mile away.

So we've made some minor enhancements to the KCCO's to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Each KCCO is already custom made. There's something about the color, the super-soft fabric, and the fit that already sets it apart from any other shirt. They are made right here in America. The new shirts will have the same great fit but now we've added a special gold foil label to the neck and a QR code to the inside of KCCO's and BFM's.

Here's a look at the new KCCO and BFM's...

  • amplexus


    • whoa

      poor guy…..he just isn't very photogenic. not sayin that I am, and I'm sure he's been laid exponentially more times that I have, but damn….

    • Frank M

      Why doesn't the Chive just make a lot more shirts & sell their licensed gear at those mall shops. I love my Bill "Fucking" Murray shirt. I didn't love waiting 8 months before finally finding one in stock at the Chivery to buy.

    • BigOtis

      Yay!!! Now that i FINALLY received my shirt from the last sale…that's right, shipping took over a month….lost in TX or some shit….now they improve them….oh well, guess I has me an "old school" shirt…

  • Matthew

    I like

  • james

    I'll have one of each!

    • Jose

      I NEEEEED a BFM shirt

    • Sytze

      Still need the green KCCO! Got the BFM and black KCCO!

  • bbac02

    the necks are flimsy! my duck face tee anyway

    • Chiver

      I usually have to wear a shirt underneath because of the neck line, and I always notice a lot of people doing it in the Chivers everywhere posts.

      • bbac02

        that'll work for the incoming weather!

        P.S. – was at the US open and saw a pink KCCO and BM3D

    • Dave

      The quality of the shirts is the shits. Doesn't matter if you put a neat looking gold label or not, they will still wear out way quicker than any replica. Spend some money and offer quality.

      • Mike

        Personally I love the quality, quite soft, and very comfortable. If you don't like them don't buy them. Bazinga!

      • BTI

        Learn how to do laundry

    • jeff c.

      yep that's my one complacent about the KCCO t's! the neck is way too loose ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • JohnMcClane_

        My KCCO neck is a bit big, but the BFM my brother got me has a nice snug neck, no stretch at all

    • Trav1121

      The BFM and my space monkey ones are awesome, but yeah, the green KCCO could fit my neck times two. Makes me look like a trollin' pimp. Haha ugh

      • sfb101

        You mean Paula!?!

  • Storage

    #5, #7

    thursday is going to be a server crasher

    • Bryan

      yup. and yet another time i get screwed out of one.

    • Chive Reeks

      You should sell them on thechive.com. Oh wait… they are out of stock. Great strategy to control demand but even greater strategy to lose money and encourage mass knock-offs. Tisk Tisk.

      • El_Hefe

        but my BFM shirt has a tag AND the imprinted logo… i got here

    • jsimon

      Ain't that the freaking truth.

  • http://twitter.com/Sask_KCCO @Sask_KCCO

    #6 But…she's hot!

    • https://twitter.com/KCCONewEngland KCCONewEngland

      i would totally hold her hand

      • Oblivious

        I want to hold her hand so hard you won't be able to shake hands for a week.

    • Lunch_Box

      The things I would ea………….never mind.

    • DaBigMachine

      I bet she can't do the 'drunk magician' pose better than her less attractive brother though.

      • Bryan

        she isnt c…nvrmnd

    • Kelowna Chiver

      can we go outside and play

    • jjjjjjjj

      ever been to Turkish Prison

    • Gnole

      Yeah, I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states, if you know what I mean!

      • Alex

        I don't know what that means… It's a phrase… I don't think so

    • jason

      must see bewbs!

      • placenta_smoothie

        while covering up those Gary Busey teeth

    • CableGuy2011

      The reason to visit the Berry! Hey!

    • Ricky

      Find her!

    • isawoj

      It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  • sean c

    Just let me buy one.

    • Max

      Seriously! That's probably the whole stock in #1

  • Wayne


    they sell these here at my mall in St. Paul, MN. The owner is a total asshole about it too.

    • stock194

      what?! What mall??

    • Dan

      I've seen this exact display at West Edmonton mall. I've seen people wearing them too actually. They look pretty crappy compared to the real thing.

    • J-Walk

      In St. Paul?! What store? I'm going to talk some yang to that douche.

      • Bamajess

        Yeah where in St Paul? I've seen a few hideous copies in the Twin Cities this summer. I would LOVE to stop in this business and share my opinion!

      • Markpong

        Agreed, what store are we talking about? I'm totally willing to wear my legit stuff there and shake my head at them disapprovingly!

    • nix

      The fake ones are so obvious it's painful. Wrong green, wrong fabric. Saw a guy wearing one and it looked like garbage

    • TheClash07

      #4 is west Edmonton mall, I recognize that store layout

      • Just Sayin'

        They have them in Saskatoon as well now. Walked in wearing my authentic KCCO and the worker told me to KCCO, but all i could do was gesture at the rip off shirt and shake my head disapprovingly.

        • Wait who?

          Phone won't let me hit the thumbs up…. Soooo here's a text! <thumbs up>

  • Rick

    Nice, but will they fit the same?

  • rupert pupkin

    Are there going to be 3D BFMs too?

    • Chiver

      check out TheChivery.com, looks like they have a listing ready to launch on thusday

  • whyme1973

    Hope you have a shit load on hand and ready to sell.

  • http://twitter.com/ortegaralph Wymann G. Prickmore

    On a somewhat related note, I know we got a kickass shirt, but is there a possibility for thechive.ca?

    • CanadianMedic

      why? its an international community. That's what makes it awesome.

    • Motofoxe

      There are no long distance charges when you surf theCHIVE.com

    • AKcanada

      I'm from Canada and I like the international perspective better… It's nice to connect with people outside of our little bubble… Eh

  • Dave

    #6 Now I can fuck John and not feel gay about it.

    • John

      Well played. Also, gross.

      • TeamVenture


        This is unrelated to your the post, but I figured here you may see the comment. Could we get an actual chest size for the shirts as opposed to the simple measurement across the front? I think that would help a lot with the sizing chart.

        • http://twitter.com/Superman_2138 @Superman_2138

          Man Boobs getting you down?

          • JohnMcClane_

            Some of us like to hit the gym. I figured you'd be in that boat too Supes ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I'm still waiting for the return of the Chive Koosies…it IS tailgate season afterall!

          • TeamVenture

            Yep, you got me. Good work…ass.

      • tara

        john your a very handsom man yourself iI can see why even a man would want to

      • chicken clapper

        carpet <> drapes

    • JohnMcClane_


  • jeevus


  • navydudemanbro

    Id stick my winky in her kitchen sinky

  • GregoryTH

    I wonder if they're going to fit any better. The last one fit pretty weird.

    • Kentholio

      I find them to run too small. I usually wear an xl, and the xxl I ordered (because patty said they run small) was too small. Happy to order another and support, but I need to know that i can wear it.

      • Ryan

        I agree. I emailed thechive about the sizing and haven't heard anything back. I normally wear an XL but these are too small, but the XXL was awesome. Until I got the white chive logo in XXL and either I lost a TON of weight or it's really a XXXL!! Need to keep the sizes consistent at the very least.

        • jeef

          Oh great, normally shirts from the U.S. of A. fit huge.
          Will see when my Canadian KCCO comes how it goes, I suppose.

          I'm ok with my wife's shirt being too small though.

      • The_Dood

        Really? Their smalls fit me perfectly, and normally a small is too short or too tight for me. The sleeves are big enough also that it doesn't look like a girl's shirt, which happens a lot with other shirts.

        • Josh

          My BFM was too small as a medium. The large fit perfect. So I ordered my black KCCO as a large and it fit too. My Wolverabe is a medium and it fits perfect. It's kind of hit or miss.

  • ChivetteKellie

    Yay Chive!

  • Andy

    Can't you just copyright your shirts?

    • DerpTroll

      They cant. "keep calm and carry on" was created by the british governement in WW2.

      • Coldzilla

        Yes Keep Calm and Carry On" was a slogan produced by the Govt in WW2 BUT….. "Keep Calm and Chive On" wasnt and from what I understand about copyright law as long as you change a certain % of the written phrase its ok. Not sure what that % was/is tho.

        Edit: In my research I found this:

        Copyright ProtectionNot Available for Names,Titles, or Short Phrases

        Pretty sure that would apply to both

        • http://www.madisonlaw.com Kendrick Dane

          the products are more than the sum of the words thereon. when combined with the crown and the chive colors, and placed onto specific merchandise, this product becomes a unique, protected intangible linkable to one company and one brand. Under the totality of the circumstances, the chive can go after these crooks. Certainly the pirates are also misappropriating BFM's likeness for a commercial purpose without his consent and, with his permission, then that too can be protected. just sayin.

          • Coldzilla

            Ah see? I knew we'd find someone with some brains LOL

            Thanks for the info!


            Ps – now can ya do something about my neighbour who keeps borrowing my lawn mower?


          • The_Dood

            Do we know if theChive has permission to use his likeness? I've never heard anything about that, but of course, I haven't looked.

            • iChive

              I doubt BFM would mind if The Chive used his likeness. If he did, he wouldn't be BFM.

          • 1.21jigawatts

            Lets go after these crooks! Well take em downtown in the paddywagon to the bighouse…ya see! Hey…the 1930's called and want their slang back!

    • savagecabbage

      and also you can't copyright somebody's face or name

  • givethedjabj

    Shame my one I bought from theChivery had gone all bobbley ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Needs better material

  • alberta medic

    That pic of the fakes is at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta! I took it when I was there and sent it in. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      you did a good service son

      • alberta medic

        I'm a chick! lol

        • James

          Call me maybe?

          • Wait who?

            FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! it's in there now!

    • Coldzilla

      Leave it to Edmonchuk o.0

      And hopefully you gave The Chive the name of the shop too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Macknife

        The name of the store is FS Skate and Snow in WEM. Their sister store, Deja Vu sells them too. It sucks seeing so many fakes around when you bust your ass to get a legit one.

        • Coldzilla

          Exactly! Took me several tries to grab one for my nephew and he was REALLY happy when it finally arrived after Xmas. Not so much so when he went to the first Thursden of the year at the University of Calgary and came across 6 others wearing one… and not one of them real.

  • GFJ

    KCCO Authentic

  • Steve Chi Town

    Can we get BFM in 3X? and if we cant then damn it

    • CHI_Dave

      Hell Yes Please! I need a Big Ass Bill Fucking Murray!

    • Lunch_Box


      • Fuego

        Yes! Shirts for the fluffy guys!!!!

    • Sam

      It'd be nice if they made such sizes in women's alos. OH wait! You're only allowed to be fat if you're a man at theChive. Silly me…

      • Sam


        • Johnny K.

          Sounds about right…

          • Pedo Bear

            Maybe TheChive only supports a healthier life style, instead of wanting bigger shirts because you're so damn big. Go to the gym, lose weight, and feel accomplished when you can fit into a Large shirt.

            "OH wait! You're only allowed to be fat if you're a man" No that's not allowed either, people just eat to damn much and don't exercise enough.

            • Matt

              You just want us to be smaller to we look more like children, isn't that true pedobear…

            • Theresia

              I see exercising has worked so well for you.. sad that you are a douche anyway…

              • Not_Today85

                I bought a 2X KCCO shirt last fall. They run slightly smaller than the average shirt. I'm not fat but at 6'4" and a large upper body I looked silly. Especially since the fabric is paper thin and soft.

  • Claire


    I sleep in mine every night. most comfy shirt i have. works well at bars too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Needlegun13

      That's pretty hot. Just sayin…

  • AlbusQ

    Nicely done as always Chive

  • henshart

    Doesn't matter, still won't be able to buy one.

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