A look at the enhanced KCCO and BFM’s (7 HQ Photos)

This Thursday, September 13th at Noon PST, the new, enhanced KCCO's and BFM's will be available on theCHIVERY. We've made some small but cool enhancements to the famous shirts for a reason, to make them nearly impossible to replicate.

As many of you know the fake Chive Tee market has spun out of control. And I honestly don't mind the fact that people want to rep theCHIVE because our shirts are, admittedly, not easy to score. What we do mind about the forgeries is the particularly odious quality of the fakes. You can spot a fake KCCO a mile away.

So we've made some minor enhancements to the KCCO's to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Each KCCO is already custom made. There's something about the color, the super-soft fabric, and the fit that already sets it apart from any other shirt. They are made right here in America. The new shirts will have the same great fit but now we've added a special gold foil label to the neck and a QR code to the inside of KCCO's and BFM's.

Here's a look at the new KCCO and BFM's...

  • Alex

    Maybe if you all didn’t limit the supply of the shirts so much people wouldn’t be buying The rip offs.

    I mean really, get a real supplier and make it so the shirts actually Stay in stock!

    For now I support people making the rip offs. The day your shirts don’t sell out in a secomd Ill change my mind. I’ve tried getting a shirt 5 or 6 times, and I dont have tits to beg for a shirt with.

    I just hope the rip off shirts get more real looking! Welcome to business.

  • Justin112179

    Hopefully i'll be able lucky enough to get one of each in 2XL.

  • BrendanTheKid

    still better odds of winning the lottery than getting one of these shirts

    • Chiver

      I'm pretty quick on the draw for these kinds of things, only time I was unable to get one was on my phone's browser during the last BFM and KCCO global launch, not missing it this time!

  • H3yblinkin

    Does she know how to cook? If so… It will be a beautiful thing

  • Laro

    #6 You forgot to burn it!!

  • TJD

    wow, they must really have you guys rattled, huh?

  • tyrex13

    Would be less of a problem if you weren't always out of everything as though your shirts are made of unobtanium or something. Keeping supply low while demand is high will encourage copy cats trying to capitalize on the opportunity. Just sayin'

  • Ben Allen

    You know what would be an even better way to prevent counterfeiting? Actually sell them in reasonable quantities.

  • Shat_Thrice

    I can't wait until I can't get one.

  • ItsMeeJv

    #6 I think we've found our new Chivette of the week!

  • Chiver

    Not sure if there will be blue or gray BFM tho…

  • It's True.....

    Yes, they are more expensive and the price will not increase, however be sure to enjoy the gigantic Capital One ads for theChive mobile app that are helping pay for them.

  • Rubrict

    Do the new BFM's fit the same as the old ones / are they from the same tee-shirt manufacturer? Just curious since my old BFM seems to run small and is different from my KCCO.

  • warren

    Yes please…3x in all shirts. They seem to run a little small.

  • Tristlo


    She needs to do one for the drunken magician as well.

    …..and you could add some drunken magician sexy assistants…..

  • Jason Ryder


    I am kinda pissed! I ordered a Navy BFM a few months back and it wasn't on the said "soft tri-blend fabric"
    Unforunately, it has since shrunk and I can no longer wear it. I am still keeping calm, but would love a replacement on the correct advertised t-shirt

  • willy wonka
  • Macro

    Just print larger runs so people aren't forced to look elsewhere. Problem solved.

  • Kelowna Chiver

    will you be doing the Canadian ones? i want my canadian KCCO that i just ordered to have these secuirty features

  • NIXem

    all i see is a giant chin

  • Austin

    Then why don't you…you know…make MOAR of your shirts so people don't look elsewhere?

  • theKid

    how about a KCCO toque since 'winter is coming'?

  • QuickWit

    I want the Orange BFM!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominic.matteo.1 Dominic Matteo

    I just got my black KCCO in xl and it seems a bit more snug than my the chive shirt?

  • Leigh

    #4 Sacrilegious! and I completely agree!! printing on Beefy Tees should be illegal in my opinion.

    and I agree with the post earlier on width on the chest for the tees my small fits in the shoulders and lower portion but "Keep" keeps stretching!

    Can't wait for the launch!

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