A look at the enhanced KCCO and BFM’s (7 HQ Photos)

This Thursday, September 13th at Noon PST, the new, enhanced KCCO's and BFM's will be available on theCHIVERY. We've made some small but cool enhancements to the famous shirts for a reason, to make them nearly impossible to replicate.

As many of you know the fake Chive Tee market has spun out of control. And I honestly don't mind the fact that people want to rep theCHIVE because our shirts are, admittedly, not easy to score. What we do mind about the forgeries is the particularly odious quality of the fakes. You can spot a fake KCCO a mile away.

So we've made some minor enhancements to the KCCO's to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Each KCCO is already custom made. There's something about the color, the super-soft fabric, and the fit that already sets it apart from any other shirt. They are made right here in America. The new shirts will have the same great fit but now we've added a special gold foil label to the neck and a QR code to the inside of KCCO's and BFM's.

Here's a look at the new KCCO and BFM's...

  • Chiver

    My brother is a huge Bill Murray fan, not sure if he even knows about The Chive, but I'm definitely getting him a tshirt for his upcoming bday, he'll learn what the Chive is all about next time he wears it to a bar/out in public.

  • dani

    the black kcco is my fave!

  • thatoneguy

    #6 can you get her a job on True Blood so we can see her get nailed by a vampire?

  • Lindsey

    I will have one !!!

  • cameron

    you can always wear it inside out to prove its authenticity.

  • KM08

    Is this with the BFM 3D too?

  • Hand of Fate

    Kind of goes with the Black KCCO shirts. Though, really, some heavier duty t-shirts wouldn't kill you. I got my black "thicker" one, and it was still thin as Hell, and I know people who will wear under shirts under some of your other t-shirts, lol.

    Then again, that comes in handy when we have girls posing for pictures in those thin shirts, particularly without bras on.

  • Bob

    These will be so easy for people to copy weak effort chive

  • Matt

    keep feeding my chive t-shirt addiction!

  • Christa

    I just want a shirt! Dammit!

  • china factories

    challenge accepted!

  • http://engineeringbooks.net/category/others/aeronautical-engineering/ Lionel

    #7 I'll have this first than others

  • Ed Venture

    Cool, but will you make them in bigger sizes? I'm a 'Merican and I need 'Merican sizes. At least a 3x for your bigger fans.

    (Your sister is hot by the way.)

  • Button

    I ordered shirts from the last run… 😦 Hoped that they would have it… 1st shirt, already behind… NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Sven

    Other than the fact that his sister is a VERY pretty lady!

  • Coldzilla

    #5 and #6

    So……. Im guessing one of you is adopted?

  • sal

    i have to agree with other posters. i have 4 different chive shirts. the kcco's seem to have the logo a little low on shirt, but also the neck stretches out easily it seems

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    I wish you guys would put the shirts on sale on days other than Thursday. That's the only day of the week I'm usually away from a computer and never able to participate.

  • http://www.quitchercryin.blogspot.com BookEmDano

    Great. Where do I send my current shirts for an upgrade?

  • Stooch

    Hoping for my 1st shirt after two years of trying.

    What's the verdict on sizes? I'm a M, so would it be a safer bet to go for a L with these?

    • Chiver

      Go with M, just be careful on the washing/drying.

  • Tee

    New tighter neck line? Anyone??

  • JKennedy

    If I don't one of the new KCCO I'll fucking break the world!

    This will be my fourth attempt!

  • Topher

    Wish you guys would use American Apparel. Isn't your office right above their shop? These shirts are great, but the collars are too loose around the neck! Tee's always look and feel better with a snug collar… I'm sure you guys had your reasons for going with these shirts, though. KCCO!

  • GI Joe

    So now you have made my original BFM and KCCO shirt obsolete and look like a fake???… Thanks a bunch….

  • Jeff

    What's wrong with Beefy-T's? I bought a 2xl Chive shirt and it fits pretty tight but a 2xl Beefy-T fits just fine.

    Note: Fat guys don't like tight shirts. I wish clothing manufacturers would learn this.

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