A look at the enhanced KCCO and BFM’s (7 HQ Photos)

This Thursday, September 13th at Noon PST, the new, enhanced KCCO's and BFM's will be available on theCHIVERY. We've made some small but cool enhancements to the famous shirts for a reason, to make them nearly impossible to replicate.

As many of you know the fake Chive Tee market has spun out of control. And I honestly don't mind the fact that people want to rep theCHIVE because our shirts are, admittedly, not easy to score. What we do mind about the forgeries is the particularly odious quality of the fakes. You can spot a fake KCCO a mile away.

So we've made some minor enhancements to the KCCO's to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Each KCCO is already custom made. There's something about the color, the super-soft fabric, and the fit that already sets it apart from any other shirt. They are made right here in America. The new shirts will have the same great fit but now we've added a special gold foil label to the neck and a QR code to the inside of KCCO's and BFM's.

Here's a look at the new KCCO and BFM's...

  • Dylis

    In my Opinion you should get the necks smaller and much more snug once you have that, the best thing I have seen in good quality shirts is to stitch a small rope/string in half of the neck, most likely the back of the neck to keep it from stretching when taking it off and putting it on and washing. Just a suggestion to make your shirts even more awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/Honorarius @Honorarius

    They're so hard to get, I've had people accuse my genuine green KCCO of being a fake…

  • jhicks8

    #6 Wait she is your sister, she runs theBerry, but she forgot to Burn It, Mind the Gap, or at least a thing's that bounce for her t-shirt debut!

  • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.kaul Timothy Kaul

    Hook it up I'll take 1 of each.

  • http://twitter.com/StAiChiLLin @StAiChiLLin

    Seriously I have no access to a computer that time.

  • ChiveAddict

    Love the enhancements! Quick request, any chance that the Chive would make hats for summer or beanies for winter. I would buy up your entire stock!

  • Rick


    Those look like G500s, not Hanes.

  • LamboViper888

    THREE BURNING Questions or comments

    1)Why dont you use the same great shirt quality and fit for the other shirts like the Military or Firefighters shirts. Their materials are horrible. Worst than the fake ones. You even just cut out the tag at the back of the neck. Geez…

    2)If you are going to up he ante on counterfeiters, why put the new gold logo on the inside ? L:et me think, whenever a chiver or chivette passed by, do you think people will stop them and asked to take the shirt off or look at the inside? LOL…Think, Chive! Even a small logon on the outside , Just like Dolce & Gabbana lounge T-shirt, there is a small external logon at the back of the neck.

    3)How the heck do I reply to a pic and post the pic at the same time in my reply?

  • http://jaxestudios.com jaxe

    need to add the BFM shirt to my collection!

  • Randy

    Will you have adult sizes finally?

  • Brian

    Any chance we could get a BFM in gold/silver foil?

  • maxchiver

    what is the secret to score some of these tee's anyway. i will try for the 13th time on the 13th which is a day after my birthday (Hint, Hint). good luck to all of you and most importantly Chive On my friends.

  • RyanJinjer

    I'm sad to say my new Canadian KCCO (sand coloured) is of much lesser quality than my original green one. Both were ordered from theChivery, of course.

  • Stick Stoner

    I can fake that.

  • Brandon

    Shut up and take my money

  • Dman

    Dude (creator of the Chive),

    You rock so hard. Thanks so much for these shirts. Yes, they are near impossible to get, but I will wait and try hard to get the real deal.

    Thanks much!

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    #6 I'd like to raise that shirt a little higher after I've taken her out to classy restaurant.

  • Marce...*

    I want them both =/ !! and never been lucky getting them !!

  • logan1x

    I ordered a KCCO tshirt a while back and never received it. When I contacted the Chivery about this I got no response. I love the Chive and want to show my support, but I would rather buy a fake from a store and have it then have another experience like this.

  • bink

    Saw a girl wearing BFM at a metric/cake concert in Indy, said chive on and she had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Saw her a little later a noticed that Bill looked a little hazy.

  • Yumm yumm

    #6 I'll put a ring on it!!! 🙂

  • SPC Stoll

    Dear chive, I am a military chiver and I'm down at Texas gettting ready for my deployment to Afghanistan and its been hotter than 2 rabbits fuckin in a wool sock. I have a huge desire for a "keep calm and return fire" chive tee. I swear I run into a new chiver everyday. KCCO I know I have to hourly atleast!

  • BMJ

    As far as the fit …do they run small?

  • BMJ

    As far as the fit …do they run small?

  • Fev

    What about an Aussie KCCO shirt. I'd be number one purchaser.

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