Because Bikinis (56 Photos)

  • jdfish2279

    #15 Outdoor Kitchen is acceptable replacement for normal place of duty.

    • Scooter

      I hope there's some carbs on that grill. Those girls need a sandwich, baaaaaaad!

      • Jimbo

        Girl with the blue top has an amazing body. No matter what you might tell yourselves, being fat isn't beautiful. I want more of this girl!

        • Ugh

          Hey man, if pre-pubescent boy bodies float your boat, go for it. I'd like an extra bit of meat, strategically placed of course.

          • oughtno

            In other words …. BOOBS! I, for one, am glad that women come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone like skinny girls with watermelons protruding from her chest.

        • JuanCa

          Karlie Kloss … supermodel. Hot girl

    • Drew

      to be honest, it looks like they should really eat whatever is on the grill.

  • Jay Eddinger

    Wheres all the hot guys at?

    • sfb101

      The Berry you fool…

    • _DoC_


    • HOOK

      …with huge dripping cocks

    • Boooo

      Were you expecting guys in bikinis…?

    • The Truth

      haha…show more hot dudes!!

    • Average_Joe123

      Try The Berry, an site affiliated with this one.

  • kal50

    #11 #46 ALL DAY LONG!

    • JMAKK

      #11 Cheek Through The GAP Is ALWAYS ALWAYS A Win!!!

    • 1911

      #11 Miluska NSFW

  • tv_paul

    #8 These two need to come out of the closet…so we can all watch.

    • Calder027

      I've seen a porn start like this once… oh wait…

      • Average_Joe123

        Don't they all? 😉

    • Rickity Cricket

      Havoc and Molly Cavalli

    • Frank M

      Found a video of them MMA fighting butt-naked after generously applying baby oil to each other. You're welcome:

      • Frank M

        PS. When I found the sexy MMA fight video, I also happened upon a video of Juggy Vanessa from the Man Show doing a butt-naked pole dancing routine. I'm gonna vigorously thank myself a couple times for this video:

  • temujin1234
    • Sammy

      Loving the Bikini bridge…MOAR

      • Average_Joe123

        So true!!!

  • fdacv

    Does this website focus on women only? I mean…dont really care too much about girls in bikinis. If i wanted to see hot chicks Id just go look at porn.

    • MatteoH

      go away

    • loves sammiches

      some people just aren't happy unless they are causing hate and discontent…this troll is one of them.

    • that guy

      please punch yourself in the ear…. very hard

      • Sam

        oh wow, look how original this guy is, "go punch yourself in the ear", a different take on the abuse one should perform on oneself due to a comment he did not like. usually, it would be much more severe but thanks to "that guy", he has gone beyond what is expected and said "in the ear". To everyone who thinks he is witty for his abnormal response, please think otherwise. Just stick to what is expected of you please and not try and attract attention for a response that is no where near as witty and original as you think.

        I just don't get people sometimes.

        • Random

          Hey Sam, please punch yourself in the ear…. very hard

          • taft

            dude someone already said that

            • GodsLatestGift

              I'm pretty sure that was the point.

    • Meow-Meow UK


    • SOhioChiver is for you

    • Parky

      Mr. Grumpy Gills

    • EN2USN

      what are u GAY???????????????????????

  • Bubba

    I love summer…. Bikini's !!!!!

    • Urban

      26 sideways duckface #29 back dimples = quackholes

      • Car brokedown


  • Tommy

    I've heard from a number of chivettes that they want TheChivery to come out with a KCCO bikini… Just puttin it into the universe.

  • iChive

    #3 I wish when I looked down I had a view like that. My view kind of looks like someone used Elmer's glue to attach Hagrid's head to my chest.

    • Sammy

      The Bikini bridge is a wonderful thing…

  • Woodchuck

    #56…i like her…you catch some of these chick in their underwear which covers up twice as much skin and they get all embarrassed…crazy broads.

  • DJRobb

    There was no way I could look at #1 and not fall immediately head over hills.

    • Jeremiah_808

      Sheʻs a surfer girl name Kelia Moniz

    • savagecabbage

      *head over heels

    • Boobs

      Would you trip down her slanty eyes?

  • that guy

    #3 and #22 one of my favorite views!!

  • whyme1973

    #10 #19 #38 And I'm spent. Damn.

  • guy

    #11 I need to see what happens next. GIF! For the love of god, GIF!

  • Peter

    And now I'm gonna move somewhere that is summer all year long!

    • Jezza67

      Darwin – Northern Australia. It's also filled with Swedish backpackers all year long. Just watch out for the hundreds of biting, stinging, devouring, poisoning animals that hang around.

  • BigPup

    #15 the possibilities are endless…

  • Machine head

    Here comes the mid-day boner… Fml

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #18, #49 – FIND THEM!!



    • Kiesa

      #11 her name is Stanija Dobrojevic

      • Kiesa

        i mean # 18

        • Kiesa


          • SuperDanMan4290

            Thanks! 🙂



  • BigPup

    I don't want summer to end because BOOBS! #49 #46 #5 #19 #10

  • KCJake

    It's gonna be a long winter.

    #5 #10 #46

  • mjoyner408

    #3 #22 #49

    I need to inspect your bridge for structural defects.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #10 With a body like that who needs a head…..
    #46 Need a hand?

  • Rob

    #2, #10, and #40 Beautiful…

    • Bryan

      Went to class with #2, Shes on her way to being a playboy bunny now! Check out her twitter at @heathero14

  • Daffy

    #45 Peace sign and no duckface…nice (and hot)

  • McSmizzle

    #10 just fantastic

    • john

      her body is amazing

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