Custom Streetfighter Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer (28 HQ Photos)

  • peaveybassist

    This is Comedian Alonzo Bodden's bike. Built by Pro Italia in California. Can't believe he made it to the chive!

    • Rick

      correct, I couldn't fit it all in the title

      • Nick Anglada

        Built by Nick Anglada Originals and displayed by Pro Italia at the 2011 Laguna GP

  • Kristie

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  • albert

    The best

  • Custom 1098 Streetfighter...sick! -

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  • Cab

    I'm in love!!!

  • MarK

    Ducati is an epitome of what a motorcycle should be

  • @Speedstripe

    If I could only have one bike, and I had to use that to get to work and back too, I wouldn't buy a ducati.
    I'd only buy one if I had a daily driver, and maybe a back up motorcycle like a plain GSR750, or a Hornet or something.

  • @Speedstripe

    Great detail. I bet its lots of fun to ride.

    Wouldn't want to be the guy who has to clean it after though.

  • N2MotoX

    #23 I just wanna sit on it rev it! I don't even care if the motor is running or not…I'll still twist that throttle!

  • matt

    i can't say i agree with what was done to this bike.. Certain elements of it looks cool, but overall i think they destroyed a perfectly good ducati streetfighter!

  • boob_cuddle

    I don't normally want to ride a bike but when I do its a custom ducati 1098.

  • bumrodgers

    streetfighter yes. cafe racer no. its kinda a cool bike i guess, but we all know ducatis are expensive why would you purposefully make it look shitty with welded pipes and stuff like that? im guessing this thing got wrecked before this happened, i think thats how the whole streetfighter thing started at least. and why would you leave you belts open like that? that guard looks terrible and what happens what you get a rock or something in there? i feel like all that time put into this bike could have made this bike look a little cooler, just my opinion.

  • Versari

    #24 pure power, beauty, and unadulterated fun…well scratch the unadulterated.

  • kristof

    Far too busy for a proper Cafe Racer, it's all about subtlety!

  • Trig

    If Dyson made motorbikes. horrible

  • Jackson

    I'm a huge motorcycle fan. I can appreciate the work and money involved in creating this, but damn it's fugly.

  • John

    No stretched swing arm and chrome wheels? I guess it looks ok, but looks a bit too fragile. My 1198s has nothing other minor tweaks such as china plastics(stock plastic are hanging in the garage), sliders(bar, fork, frame, and rear axle), and a clutch cover guard. It rarely touches public streets but gets ridden harder than kim kardashian. The daily driver is a Hypermotard, much for comfortable for scooting around and is still very capable when I need it to be. I guess as a piece of art it's ok, but as something to be ridden, I'd much rather ride #24

  • ziper

    but is it confortable? hmmm

  • Nick Anglada

    Built by me:( Nick Anglada Originals not Pro Italia.

    • mopmonkey

      Well played,sir. I knew that as soon as I saw the post.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #28 – pimped.

    chiver or chivette from bc?? join the twitter group that's for you!! –>

    • John

      more spam from you? every single thread has some garbage about a random pic, and your KCCO Vanity blurb, if you had the faintest clue about what it means to KCCO, you'd understand vanity isn't in the same phrase.. moron.

      • Canucks_Rule

        see response in other thread. bye.

  • F3n1x187

    damn! I'd sell the house and car for it xD

  • Average_Joe123

    #24 Finally found the ride I wanted in the post! 😉

  • Aero > Neato

    cafe racer/streetfighter = trendy slang for "I wrecked my shit and can 't afford new plastics. Luckily I had this old honda accord headlight to wire up so i can get back and forth to Burger King. They call it an Auto-Fryer but somebody has to put em in!!"

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