Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • jerky



      #19,#21,#41 Here's a few for ya Douche bag Troll

      • Iamgodhere

        Never trust the people who are still plugged in, they could be agents…

        • ESAD

          ^ that's funny shit

    • Woody

      Renata, Keep Calm & Chive On…i was attacked by my girlfriend's dog….i kept calm and she never paid the ER bill…we are not friends anymore. #22

      • Jack Wagon

        thats what small claims court is for. and a gun for the fucking dog.

      • Greg

        When she gets healthy MOAR!!

  • a firefighter

    #2, #3, #4, #50

    Well done with that today, Chive. Never forget, indeed.

    • Firefighter23

      I did our stair climb last year. I can't attend this year. I climbed for Firefighter Leon Smith Jr. Driver. Ladder 118. Assigned to search and rescue in the hotel at the foot of the towers. They never found his body.
      -FF James Resch
      EPFC 23

      • Tados

        Rest of the world doesnt care about it, get over it already.

        • RLTW

          You might be the biggest piece of shit on this planet

          • texjosh


            • l33t tr0ll

              Troll force five

        • jess

          Wow. Asshole much?

        • Theresia

          You need a swift kick to the scrotum.

        • Wait who?

          Please don't feed the trolls, cowards like them feed off feedback.

    • tim

      I'd rather forget. It's rather depressing you know.

    • marcoprince

      Never forget that it was an internal affair.

      • You'reADick

        Take that shit somewhere else.

  • jebus


    • Barack Obama

      this is the worst DAR ever, and the admin sucks nut sacks for banning comments from our favorite trolls…….. fuck off Chive!

      • chesterdrawers

        They cant stop what they can't catch…

      • Chesterdrawers

        Thank you for NOT being a gay homo fag like the admin who banned us…

    • Paulas proctologist

      You're not Jebus. Jebus is the funny guy who slams Paula every time.

      I'm guessing Paula got pole axed? Bout time

      Fan testimonial – sometimes I wonder what Paula looks like. But then I think – do I ever want to have an erection EVER again? Hugs

  • aaron

    Get well soon Jerry Lawler!

  • Kowabunga

    #1 it's the Travelocity Knome from HELL!

    • getafuckingclue

      WTF is a knome??? JFC.

      • Kowabunga

        oh yeah it's a silent G not a silent K. GCCO

  • David Palmer

    my wife, who is patriotic as shit and I love her for that, was all 'the chive better end the dar classy today or else.'

    thanks, guys.


    • JohnMcClane_

      God Bless America and the Innocents and Heroes we lost that day. Never Forget.

      Good DAR John.

      • snacksnack

        I call that a GDJ

    • tr0llas@uru$rex

      Nicely spoken sir. Except for the part where you were a total sheep. This was a totally contrived attack. The brigade is for you dumb people, not thechive. I'm taking this site back for the trolls who keep the internet worth experiencing!

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666


    • The Truth

      I would have expected no less.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gosling Emily Celeste Gosling

    #2 Thanks for acknowledging 9/11 today. Had to flip to pg 16 in the paper to see a single word about it!
    Never forget and always KCCO. 🙂

    • Rednex r dumb

      Maybe it's because it was BS…

      • db3300

        You're an idiot. I pity you.

        • Poo poo platter

          You're a bleeding heart pu$$y who thinks whatever Brian Williams tells him to…

      • Max

        9/11 was an inside job. A guy holding a banner above the freeway this morning told me so.

  • UCLAbruin

    I'm proud to be an American

    • Firefighter23

      All Americans should be.

    • FuckThisShit

      I am too! I just wish our government cared as much about their actions as we do.

      • Bannedtroll

        They are too dumb to realize that they are being lied to…

        • Jen

          there were people on some of the overpasses on the highway waving flags yesterday. its just a little patriotic gesture, but it was fucking awesome.

  • JustinFL

    #28 is gorgeous, perfect smile.

  • Tillman61

    #36 Here's to fall and the nights getting longer. Wow.

    • Jeff

      Something else is getting longer.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #4 #14 – Never forget, and god damn Jessica Nigri is gorgeous.

    • reclaimer

      i liked her gears of war costume. hell i like all of Jessica Nigri's costumes lol

      • e5s4y

        can you imagin SJU and Nigri in a chivette shoot together? The world would definitely be a better place after that

        • Yeah

          Holy shit! You, Sir, are awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/RDRKeeper @RDRKeeper

      Thank you so much for the name haha

  • Tillman61

    #22 Get better soon, sweetie!

  • acupofjoe

    Hells Ya! #46

  • GeekyTex

    #29 I think it's time to start trying yoga!

    • DrGarnicus


    • ImWearingATowel

      I actually want to start doing yoga for the exercise and peace of mind but I am afraid that all the hot and not so hot women will think I am there just to check them out. I was told that staying in the front of the class should help to resolve this problem, I might try that.

  • khyzer


    • Rory McIlroy

      i lust her

  • AB

    #28 Alicia is insane hot.

    • Nahvis

      #28 Alicia who?

      • AB

        @calichivette – Twitter . Enjoy

  • http://www.facebook.com/SnyderAndrew Andrew Snyder

    i coordinate my break when DAR goes up, thanks for the pick-me-up

  • nuccabay

    #2 #3 #4 #5

    • 9/11 is troll day

      You could've just said #gay…

      • Theresia

        douche nozzle.. oh wait.. never mind, that would imply you could get near a vagina.

  • Dave.

    Robert Zemekis you brilliant SOB #18

    • Med

      Puente Hills Mall, for those of you keeping score at home

    • Tom

      Was this really a secret?

    • Michael

      Didn't everybody else notice this 25+ years ago?

      • Dave.

        Guess not.

      • Richard

        Yeah, noticed it when I was 10. (Many years ago)

        • Mr_Cellophane


    • http://twitter.com/jaczor @jaczor

      Wow, I'm sure no one ever noticed that one before…

  • Irish Chive

    #27 kill it with fire

    • no nightvision

      or make another tape … then kill it with fire

    • Dr. JFever

      One way trip to herp town

    • guest


      • PNB

        Precisely. That dude looks like he's about to puke all over PH's tits.

    • DanTheMan

      what am I missing

      • Commie mommy

        That isn't normal to have open sores on your genital region…

      • SOhioChiver

        it is Paris Hilton

  • Verbal_Kint

    #38 And you can be a legitimate hero if it works out…

    • Name Withheld

      Well, at least you know she puts out.

    • Tim

      Except that if you enter a relationship looking to "save" someone else then it will never be a healthy one. You can't have a healthy relationship when you have no self-esteem.

      • Verbal_Kint

        I never suggested that "saving" should be the intent, and I agree with you. I'm only saying, it *could* have a very positive impact on several lives.

        • Patriotism is a lie

          Most on this site should save their comments for Oprah.com…

          • Theresia

            Or you could GTFO

  • Med

    Erin Willett is everywhere now….good thing she's a dime piece

    • PDiddily420

      Seems like not long ago she was known only as "guitar girl". Time flies when you're chivin' on!

    • Med

      why do i get thumbs down? this websites followers are so lame sometimes.

      "Don't talk about our chivettes, dude" – Typical Chiver

      • Capt Obvious

        I was able to visit the memorial in May of this year with my wife and I unfortunately made the same "mistake" as Leo…was having my photo taken and I realized I was smiling…just doesn't look right.

    • hotmush

      There's a duck about to attack your head! Duck!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #46 beautiful I will never forget

    • yawn

      fuck off etcrr

    • Kodos

      do this in hi-res

  • Hugo

    Chive one! We'll never forget. I love this site!

    • P p in your neck

      **on** Illierate redneck **chive on**

      • ED SIES

        I'm a redneck n got back in at 46 yrs old and then at 47 yrs old , retard. don't think a low life like you would even consider it… And do it again for the true and innocent Mericans that deserve it … CHIVE ON

      • ComeOnPeople

        Don't be a dick. You obviously knew what he meant. Chive on Hugo.

  • CowboyChiver

    #43 'Merica. I rest my case.

    9/11/2001 – Never Forget.

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