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    • joe shabadoo

      w00t w00t

    • IHatePaula!

      shut up and die

      • Chargers Suck

        forgot the eat shit part

    • Shiftycap1

      Clearly a DMA dedicated to all those lost 11 years ago today and all you can do is say "First"?

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        That wasn't a movie!??

        – Damn, I thought it was a crappy movie anyway, so many and huge plot holes.

    • Oilfield Trash

      That's probably the only thing you will ever be first at! Congrats

      • Chubby

        Can someone Ctrl + Alt + Del Paula please?

      • Paulas proctologist

        So it's September 11 and Paula sinks to a new low

        • Chargers Suck

          she needs some dick. bitch is hopeless.

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Right. So I can't fart in your general direction because of a historical tragedy that happened years back today?
          So why discriminate? I'm sure you can find an excuse for every single day of the year. "Oh, today some years ago thousands died because of a tsunami, I better not fart. Oh, tomorrow John Lennon was shot years ago, and the day after that someone once blew up a government building somewhere".
          Remember it's YOUR toes that are too long, I'm just passing by.

          – I wonder… will the day I die be celebrated annually on the Chive?

          • The Lucky

            Love you paula you can pass by antime you like

          • d.c.

            why dont you find out?

    • chicago

      I'll try it this way: CONGRATULATIONS! your 'first' comment goal was achieved. I can't imagine how long and difficult this goal was to accomplish: the long hours of physical training and the extensive mental preparations. Wow. And now it has been conquered! I'm so proud of you. check it off your bucket list.

      *there needs to be more than 1 item on a list to make it a list.

    • ME Chiver

      Hey Paula, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I want you to get fucked by an elephant dick. You're a piece of shit. God bless America and fuck Paula.

  • Rusty Shackleford


    • Chivalrous

      Please stop giving these people any type of coverage or attention. Even to post threads to make fun of them is still spreading their fame.

  • friend

    #1 Never Forget. And Semper Fi

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I was 16 when I turned the TV on that morning. I'm never going to forget that feeling of helplessness and anger ever again.

      • Clint

        7th grade social studies class for me. I hated the rest of the kids who were too ignorant to understand what was going on.

        And not to be a dick, but why recreate the attack? Shouldn't it be a painting of them still standing?

        • Ben

          It's a play on a popular type of photography, clever really. And that's kinda the point, it makes you remember the towers AREN'T standing, you remember the loss/makes you grateful.

    • Lisa

      I worked at the VA nursing home back then. The sense of anger that flowed through those old soldiers veins was palpable. One of the female residents lost her grandson.

      There simply aren't words to describe the anger in my soul over these acts of war. Yes, it's been 11 years. I do not care. This still pisses me off.

      • Neutral on life

        thats what they want you to feel violence begets more violence anger breeds only more anger… just saying IDGAF do what you want

        • Andrew

          Because appeasement has worked so well in the past.

      • Lisa the slut

        Ay-yo Lisa how's about u suck my cock?

        • Laurel

          How's about you suck it yourself? Your head seems to be stuck up your ass so just give a little turn. If it's not too small maybe you can reach it.

    • r151

      That day was the only time I ever saw my dad cry. It was one of the most sinking feelings I've ever had.

    • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

      i remember my mom woke me up with the news, i thought she was confused by a movie then i saw the news. i stood there in shock.

      • Tiber_Septim

        I saw it I cried, I still tear up

        • Dave

          Why?? What Happened???

      • Ichito240

        Was on my way to school, woke up on the bus and heard people talking about it and was wondering what movie they were talking about. It wasn't until I got to class that the teacher had the tv on and I realized what was happening.

    • friend

      I was a senior in high school…we watched the second plane hit the tower in class and nobody said a word that entire period. Quite a few people from my graduating class enlisted with me.

      • Perkins Maxwell

        I was in midtown New York — Rockefeller Center — working on the 16th floor.

        I will never forget when we evacuated and I stood there, dumbly, on Sixth Ave., staring downtown at a solid wall of black smoke that obscured Lower Manhattan. $%^&* I'm crying just remembering it.

        As a New Yorker — thank you to everyone from around the world for making us all feel like we were not alone that day. I remember a call I got from a stranger in Britain — she was just dialing random numbers in the 212 (NYC) area code in the hopes of reaching someone to tell them that everyone in the UK was with them in spirit.

        • VGM

          I promised myself I wouldn't cry today….then I read your post

      • Oscar Mayer

        Thank you for your service

    • Aaron

      I was stationed at Camp Hovey in South Korea and watched this happen Tuesday night. My buddy came pounding on the door saying his mom was on the phone and that America was being attacked. I came to the TV and watched as the second plane hit. We called until the phone lines jammed and then went to bed until we got alerted. The formation that morning was quiet with a palpable anger in the air. We then went out to the field for the next 30 days. They were insanely frustrating days. No one told us what was happening and the only bits of info we got was when the Chaplain came around.
      I will never forget how even though I was half a world away, I could feel how banded together America had become and what a great sense of "country" everyone had. It was exactly how Bob described it and its something that I long for today. Its something that I try really hard to instill in my boys: love of country, honor, respect and courage.

      • Fact

        It was an inside job you stupid Americans.

        • Billy

          Alex Jones chives?

        • dud

          What ever happened to those big ass I-beams that ran from the very bottom to the very top of the buildings? There was a whole core of them…


    • spottskelly

      I expected more. =/

      • davo

        you Americans have got to be pretty pissed off with either the government or your countries defence system. the fact that it happened should make you unproud to be an american. You were supposed be protected but instead a bunch of dumbass terrorists managed to plow 2 planes into NYC. i'd be disappointed in my country to be honest. At least the firefighters pulled their shit together though.

        • Indeed

          Where are you from?

    • https://www.facebook.com/paperartillery Johnny Cuellar

      Not a Marine, but a hooah from the Army here.

  • Chunk Pants

    Doesn't matter had sex

    • Bollyver

      dolphins are rapist!

  • VikingsRulePackSuck


    I wish I were a dolphin………..

    • Dr_StrangePants

      the boobies…soothe him

    • stumped

      Because as a human you can't get laid???

    • DrGarnicus

      Flipper? I barely know her.

  • Michael

    #1 Amen sir, I just wish that we could have kept it going.

    • Quisp

      Agree, I remember driving home that afternoon in Atlanta and for once people were very polite. Folks letting others merge, no honking, giving anyone the finger, no road rage, etc. Suddenly we were all in it together.

      • Larf

        Haha bulldshit!! Nice try

  • lemonDorito

    #21 Die! damn you.

  • JAFitC

    #16. "I said you WILL help me pick up litter."

    • Med

      Pretty sure she just robbed a bank and wasn't helping cleaning the local park.

  • TheMoose03

    #1 My thanks to all the firefighters and policemen and women. They'll sacrifice themselves in a heartbeat to save anyone, any day of the year. This is proof. Never forget.

    • Your neighbor

      From one who wears the badge, thank you. We couldn't do it without your support. And we will never forget.

    • Firefighter23

      RIP Leon Smith Jr. Driver. Ladder 118.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #36 Two? Oh wait, I'm so dumb! Batman AND Robin of course!!1!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Jules

      I have to admit… that was pretty clever.

    • kill yourself

      get a gun and ahoot yourself in the face.

      • Rob

        how do you ahoot yourself?

    • Web2992

      Please shut the fuck up and not make some bullshit comment about 9/11. Even if it is only for this one day.

      Thanks, and KCCO

    • Dr_StrangePants

      ….Starting to believe the rumor that our resident troll is European

    • Max

      fuck you Paula…..you have no idea what we went through that day…I was there

      • Dave

        Probably the best reply ever by Paula. Well done!

    • John

      Most of your comments cut ally get a small smile out of my face but this is one where u have to say that you deserve to die a slow and painful death.

    • washington

      i would skull fuck you dead corps paula you ftard!

  • Noah

    #15 Seems Legit

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Great Halloween costume

  • John Kenny

    #23 Just pray those things don't start to dog paddle…fastest way to a water-logged concussion. o.0

  • FloppyRocks

    #36 Still classy as hell

    • die

      get a gun amd shoot yourswlf in the face please

      • sorry

        I meant to out that on another xomment. SORRY!!

        • Billy

          You need stronger glasses.

  • r151

    #4 Born & raised in Richmond. Thanks to all the firefighters out there for all their pure awesomeness.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      What is that lovely White House-esque building?

      • 87eddiemac

        The Capital Building here in Richmond

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Grow a sense of humour Bob ❤

    – the one you love to …

    • do it kill yourself

      kill yourself

      • Woody

        Bring your dried up cunt to another website

    • ToTheVictor

      Says the person lacking any concept of funny. By the way, its spelled humor here. Please go away. I don't hate you. I just find you extremely annoying and am starting to feel bad for you.

  • sorry but it's true

    #1 True, then we allowed the stupidest tool of a president in history and his evil sidekick lead us into a war that had nothing to do with the attack. In our darkest hour we were so easily fooled. This country deserves the government we have-

    • Gusto

      go kill yourself troll.

      • lalala

        who's a troll? Someone who tells the truth or tells someone to kill themselves? You're pathetic-

        • PeB

          Fuck Off

    • Hugh

      why not put the petty politics aside on this day and just remember how it made us feel.

      • Child Please

        I agree, leave petty politics out. What we shouldn't leave out is the unfortunate reality that we've seen demolition jobs before. Even as a kid I thought something was fishy about the way the buildings fell. (Straight down and with no core left in the middle?). The twin towers were built to withstand plane crashes.

        P.S. Building #7

        • Child Please

          Well I didn't mean to reference that picture, but look up building 7 if you're interested.

          • Please indeed

            Is that conspiracy crap still lurking around somewhere? Pull your head out of your ass. What a joke.

            • hootie

              you're the one with your head up your own ass if you believe that those buildings fell with no controlled demolition. "All great truths start out as blasphemies."

      • FuckThisShit

        The people who want us to put the petty politics aside are the ones who are gullible enough to believe everything the government feeds them. I will not brush off the fact that the innocent victims died and we used that as a pretext to invade a country who did not deserve to be invaded. 2 wrongs do NOT make a right and the victims of 911 deserve more respect than that – as do the civilians of Iraq.

    • http://bobmanistani.org.co bobmanistani

      we deserve obama?

      • Kenyian

        He's so bad, we're claiming he was born in the USA

    • Firefighter23

      Mother Fucker! NO politics on theChive! No politics EVER!

      • lalala

        You know what, fuck u. A lot of people died that day and then many more died because of the bs that followed. The Chive posted the photo, we can post whatever we want because this still is America isn't it? 1st amendment, read it asshole-

  • os310

    11 years ago man. I think it's crazy that some kids don't even know about 9/11, I get they weren't alive yet but still.. I know damn well I'll never forget or let my kids not know about all the tragedy and all the bravery that came from that day.

    • Iron Fists

      Exactly, 11 years ago…

    • 29er

      None of my students were around for that day. Sad to think about, but at the same time, I'm glad that they are (hopefully) at the tail end of the war.

  • mick fly

    #26 just proves how smart dolphins really are

  • Lulu

    #11 Jealous? Nope, she's just thinking of eating the skinny chick 4 lunch-

    • Bry

      Lol gr8

    • slurpie

      As was I…

      • Bollyver

        beware, they will grow to look like mom.

    • Matt

      C'mere! I'm a gonna eat you! Get in mah belly!!!

    • GUI

      Honey boo boo in 10 yrs

  • J. Green

    We never forgot. We are Semper Paratus. KCCO. J green

  • bdg

    #11 I'm goona eat you,Get in my belly!!!!!!
    #12 HUH-same caption!!!!

    • Tiber_Septim

      Fat Bastard reference nice

  • iaDF!

    I'm not into fixed up cars, but #31 is pretty awesome.

    • Ryan

      All my mind can hear is "Where's the Rebel Bass!"

      • ChuckleHead

        This made me giggle. Especially because I read it in Vader's voice.

    • d.c.

      he's definately handicapped, mostly likely in the crotchial region

      • d.c.

        meant for the usa one where he's parked in the handicap spot….ooops

        • Masturbating Monkey

          Good job fucking up $60k.

    • bob

      i'm a giant SW fan myself… but thats still totaly gay

      • Salacious Crumb

        Then you aren't much of a giant Star Wars fan. I would never drive it but it looks amazing.

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #18 I'm not sure if its worse that he actually is wearing an upside down ice cream cone hat or that someone actually expended resources and materials to design and manufacture an upside down ice cream cone hat….

  • N8orius

    I want that lamp!

  • adonisallan

    My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the Sept. 11 attacks.

    • Canucks_Rule

      we're canadian, but that's the day the whole world stood still.

      • Firefighter23

        Thanks for always being there for us Canada.

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