Where'd she go??

  • Beev

    That's a wrap

  • turd ferguson

    I Bet he still gets the weather forecast wrong.

  • MylesofStyles

    "Bleep. Blop. Blorg. Blargin. See I'm an alien; I speak Martian." = LITERARY GOLD.

    • Brian


  • meeeee


  • tv_paul

    He needs a name like the Hip Hop Doppler-Master 4-Kastor .

  • temujin1234
  • Verbal_Kint

    Todays forecast: Slightly boring with a chance of lame….

  • duckfart4U

    so fucking lame I had to tap out @ 1:01 before I either slit my throat or started poking my eardrums with toothpicks…

  • Confused

    Who the hell has 4 smart phones as well as a tablet? And who would use them to figure out that nonsense?

  • vandinz

    Might've been able to see if better if he'd used the large S3. Dick head.

  • Steve Grenier

    I'd rather watch that fucking gangnam style video on repeat for 24 hours than see that twice.

  • dragon2777

    My favorite part was the Oh shit my mouth is over there moment

  • dan05

    you know whats great? The ads thechive team has embedded into the page the automatically play…even after you stop them!

  • BrendanTheKid

    Mac needs to stick to cat saturday post. fail.

    • BleepBlopMartian

      ^fail-fail. Don't listen Mac, this one was definitely a WIN

  • BleepBlopMartian

    F'ing awesome!… And c'mon guys he's a freakin weather man, you gotta give him some credit for it. If you weren't at least tickled by this, I suggest pulling that stick out of you butt, then you might such a pessimistic A-hole

  • Canucks_Rule

    wonder how long it took to make this.

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  • Patel

    The bald man is Robert Gilruth, the first head of the Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson Space Center). The rocket is an Atlas btseoor, which launched the last four Mercury missions into orbit.

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